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Roll Over Adorno
Roll Over Adorno (April 2006)
Critical Theory, Popular Culture, Audiovisual Media
Robert Miklitsch - Author

Moves from Beethoven to Buffy to examine the blurred nexus of elite and popular culture in the twenty-first century.

What happens when Theodor Adorno, the champion of high, classical artists such as Beethoven, comes into contact with the music of Chuck Berry, the de facto king of rock ’n’ roll? In a series of readings and meditations, Robert Miklitsch inv...(Read More)

Reading the Beatles
Reading the Beatles (February 2006)
Cultural Studies, Literary Criticism, and the Fab Four
Kenneth Womack - Editor
Todd F. Davis - Editor

Addresses the band’s resounding impact on how we think about gender, popular culture, and the formal and poetic qualities of music.

Despite the enormous amount of writing devoted to the Beatles during the last few decades, the band’s abiding intellectual and cultural significance has received scant attention. Using various modes of literary, musicological, and cultural criticism, the essays in Reading...(Read More)
Scripting the Black Masculine Body
Scripting the Black Masculine Body (January 2006)
Identity, Discourse, and Racial Politics in Popular Media
Ronald L. Jackson II - Author

2007 Everett Lee Hunt Award presented by the Eastern Communication Association

Traces the origins of Black body politics in the United States and its contemporary manifestations in hip-hop music and film.

Scripting the Black Masculine Body traces the origins of Black body politics in the United States and its contemporary manifestations in popular cultural productions. From early black...(Read More)
The Sitcom Reader
The Sitcom Reader (October 2005)
America Viewed and Skewed
Mary M. Dalton - Editor
Laura R. Linder - Editor

Offers a variety of perspectives on the sitcom genre and its influence on American culture.

Despite the popularity of the sitcom, one of the oldest and most ubiquitous forms of television programming, The Sitcom Reader is the first book to offer critical essays devoted specifically to the form. The contributors address important topics in relation to sitcoms, such as conventions of the form, the family, gender,...(Read More)
Sites of Autopsy in Contemporary Culture
Sites of Autopsy in Contemporary Culture (April 2005)
Elizabeth Klaver - Author

Explores the role and function of the autopsy in Western culture, from Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lecture to The X-Files and CSI.

In this compelling interdisciplinary study, Elizabeth Klaver considers how autopsies are performed in a variety of contexts, from the "real" thing in hospitals and county morgues to various depictions in paintings, novels, plays, films, and television shows. Autops...(Read More)
Speaking the Lower Frequencies
Speaking the Lower Frequencies (April 2005)
Students and Media Literacy
Walter R. Jacobs - Author

Shows how using texts from popular culture in the classroom can help young people to become critical consumers of media without losing the pleasure they derive from it.

Speaking the Lower Frequencies
demonstrates how students can be critical consumers of media while retaining the pleasure they derive from it. In Walter R. Jacobs's classes on media and society, students use the instructor's experiences as a model for inv...(Read More)
Reading Oprah
Reading Oprah (November 2004)
How Oprah's Book Club Changed the Way America Reads
Cecilia Konchar Farr - Author

An analysis of how Oprah's Book Club has changed America's reading habits.

Oprah's Book Club sparked a revolution among readers by bringing serious contemporary novels to the attention of a wider audience. The Oprah's Book Club seal on a book led to instant fame and bestseller status for authors—but, how did Oprah change the way America reads and values books? Reading Oprah s...(Read More)
Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish
Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish (July 2004)
How Yiddish Songs and Synagogue Melodies Influenced Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood
Jack Gottlieb - Author

Documents the influence of Jewish music on American popular song.

“Gottlieb is a superbly equipped tune detector … No serious student of the music of Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood can afford to bypass this landmark study.” — American Music

“Gottlieb’s writing style is amiable, anecdotal, and breezy, and his enthusiasm for his topic is contagio...(Read More)
Film Voices
Film Voices (June 2004)
Interviews from Post Script
Gerald Duchovnay - Editor

Interviews with prominent filmmakers, actors, and others on the art, craft, and business of moviemaking.

This collection of interviews brings together major Hollywood directors and actors, independent filmmakers, screenwriters, and others to discuss the art, craft, and business of making movies. Whether it be Clint Eastwood or Francis Ford Coppola, Vittorio Storaro or Dede Allen, these filmmakers detail how they striv...(Read More)
Celluloid Couches, Cinematic Clients
Celluloid Couches, Cinematic Clients (April 2004)
Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in the Movies
Jerrold R. Brandell - Editor

Looks at how therapy and the "talking cure" have been portrayed in the movies.

Consisting of contributions from psychoanalysts and therapists, as well as authors in such fields as literature and cinema studies, Celluloid Couches, Cinematic Clients explores how therapy and therapists have been portrayed in the movies over the last seventy-five years. From the 1926 silent film Secrets of a Soul, to ...(Read More)
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