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Political Rhetoric, Power, and Renaissance Women
Political Rhetoric, Power, and Renaissance Women (August 1995)
Carole Levin - Editor
Patricia A. Sullivan - Editor

This book deals with women in political power during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Catherine de Medici, Mary II) and about the gender-based stereotypes that were produced rhetorically about them.
"This book is the only one that I have seen on the topic of women in Renaissance politics. It adds a crucial piece to the puzzle of women's contributions to political decision-making throughout the centuries. ...(Read More)
Presidential Campaign Discourse
Presidential Campaign Discourse (August 1995)
Strategic Communication Problems
Kathleen E. Kendall - Editor

Focuses on strategies for solving communication problems in presidential campaigns.
"This fresh and different book brings current approaches in political communication to bear on the most recent election in a way that makes the field of political communication accessable to non-specialized readers. Kendall not only provides a variety of very insightful analyses of the 1992 election that will certainly enhance the understanding of that ca...(Read More)
The Elections in Israel 1992
The Elections in Israel 1992 (November 1994)
Asher Arian - Editor
Michal Shamir - Editor

“This collection will be the definitive work on the Israeli elections of 1992, and a major book on Israeli politics generally. Its contributors include an extensive variety of subjects, and the editors are the most sophisticated and knowledgeable persons in the field.” — Gerald M. Pomper, Rutgers University

As the momentum toward peace in the Middle East surges and wanes, the intensity of politics in Israel t...(Read More)
Controversial Issues in Presidential Selection
Controversial Issues in Presidential Selection (July 1994)
Second Edition
Gary L. Rose - Editor

This new edition provides the latest on controversies surrounding the presidential selection process. The text is two-thirds new material, with new articles by John F. Bibby, Robert D. Brown, Emmett H. Buell, Jr., M. Margaret Conway, Thomas E. Cronin, Doris Graber, Jon F. Hale, Everett Ladd, Robert D. Loevy, Theodore Lowi, Wayne Parent, Frank J. Sorauf, and Herbert Weisberg, and revised articles from many of the contributors to the first edition....(Read More)
The Constitutional Foundations of World Peace
The Constitutional Foundations of World Peace (July 1993)
Richard A. Falk - Editor
Robert C. Johansen - Editor
Samuel S. Kim - Editor

This book shows how significant a worldwide constitutional framework can be, both analytically and politically, in efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace. The authors are careful to avoid the pitfalls of legalism and moralism that have often afflicted discussion of world governance in the past, and their analyses are rooted directly within contemporary human struggles for peace, justice, prosperity, and environmentally sustainable societies....(Read More)
Political Communication
Political Communication (January 1993)
Engineering Visions of Order in the Socialist World
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

"This book has a unique communication drama analysis which provides insight into complex political/economic/social changes in an important area of the world. The events happening now in communist countries would rank among the most significant changes of this century, and will have implications far into the next century as well. The book will prove of interest to scholars and students in many disciplines, including such diverse disciplines as com...(Read More)
The Strategic Defense Initiative
The Strategic Defense Initiative (November 1992)
Symbolic Containment of the Nuclear Threat
Rebecca S. Bjork - Author

“This book is extremely interesting to read. The author seeks to answer the question, 'What is it about foreign policy as such that constrains public debate?' I view this as a subject of critical significance in a democracy, a topic which the author explores with intelligence and imagination. This issue is both important in itself and central to the field of American foreign policy.” — Henry T. Nash, Wheaton College

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