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Low-Key Politics
Low-Key Politics (June 1979)
Local-Level Leadership and Change in the Middle East
Richard T. Antoun - Author

Study of a Jordanian village, focusing on the choice of available political strategies.
Civilian Control of the Military
Civilian Control of the Military (June 1976)
Theory and Cases from Developing Countries
Claude E. Welch Jr. - Editor

“In this book, the contributors look at the issue of civilian control of the military from a comparative viewpoint. They examine several countries where the civilian government appears to be in control of the military, looking for some underlying principles which allowed that control to develop. The countries examined are India, Guyana, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Japan, Finland, Mexico, Lebanon and Chile. Welch provides introduc...(Read More)
Parties and Power in Modern Argentina 1930-1946
Parties and Power in Modern Argentina 1930-1946 (June 1974)
Alberto Ciria - Author
Carlos A. Astiz - Translator
Mary F. McCarthy - Translator

An analysis of the immediate causes of Peronism in its formative stages is included in this study of the emergence of powerful pressure groups and the decay of traditional political parties in Argentina during the period 1930–1946. A detailed, well-documented description of Argentine politics through four administrations. Originally published in Spanish as Partidos y poder en la Argentina Moderna (1930–1946) by Editioria...(Read More)
The Money Machines
The Money Machines (June 1970)
The Breakdown and Reform of Governmental and Party Finance in the North, 1860-1920
Clifton K. Yearley - Author

The Money Machines advances the provocative thesis that the mechanisms for financing state and local government in the Northern United States from 1860 to 1920 were deeply enmeshed with those financing the extralegal--often illegal--activities of the major political parties, complicating reform or change mandated by the post-Civil War breakdown of the North's legal fiscal machinery.

Few reformers then recognized the interdependence of ...(Read More)
Transformation of Austrian Socialism,The
Transformation of Austrian Socialism,The (June 1961)
Kurt Leo Shell - Author

As most political observers know, the powerful socialist parties of Western and Central Europe are facing a profound crisis due to their departure from the Marxist slogans of their youth and their increasing inability to define the meaning of “socialist” goals in the prosperous mixed economy of individual enterprise and welfare state now in full blast in most European countries.

In Dr. Shell’s judgmen...(Read More)
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