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The Nature of the Early Ottoman State
The Nature of the Early Ottoman State (March 2003)
Heath W. Lowry - Author

A revisionist interpretation of the early origins of the Ottoman Empire.

Drawing on surviving documents from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, The Nature of the Early Ottoman State provides a revisionist approach to the study of the formative years of the Ottoman Empire. Challenging the predominant view that a desire to spread Islam accounted for Ottoman success during the fourteenth-century advance into ...(Read More)
The Elections in Israel 1999
The Elections in Israel 1999 (March 2002)
Asher Arian - Editor
Michal Shamir - Editor

Considers the impact of the 1999 Israeli elections.

This volume highlights Israel’s 1999 elections, in which the prime-ministerial race between incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak ended with Barak winning by the biggest landslide ever in Israel. Although some observers interpreted these results as a fundamental shift in public opinion, there is little evidence to support this. The book shows how old pattern...(Read More)
Color and Money
Color and Money (April 2001)
Politics and Prospects for Community Reinvestment in Urban America
Gregory D. Squires - Author
Sally O'Connor - Author

A case study of Milwaukee, Wisconsin exploring how lending practices and access to capital are shaped by race.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, green is not the only color that matters to lenders. This case study of Milwaukee, Wisconsin—a fairly typical urban area that has experienced systematic disinvestment and a budding reinvestment movement—demonstrates the continuing significance of race in determining who gets home mor...(Read More)
Doing Justice
Doing Justice (April 1999)
Liberalism, Group Constructs, and Individual Realities
Leroy H. Pelton - Author

Offers a revised liberal political philosophy, arguing that group-based policies are discriminatory and proposing individual-oriented policies in their place.
Offering a new way of thinking about liberalism and public policies, this book contends that group-based policies, predicated on all manner of group construction, pervade public policy. Such policies are grounded in group distinctions that include not only race, ethnicity, gender, a...(Read More)
Power and Ideas
Power and Ideas (December 1997)
North-South Politics of Intellectual Property and Antitrust
Susan K. Sell - Author

The first comprehensive political-science treatment of the global politics and diplomacy of intellectual property and antitrust, with focus on relations between developing and industrialized countries.

"This book fills an important gap in the scholarly and policy literatures. It provides the first good book on the politics and diplomacy concerning the creation of new global codes governing intellectual property and antit...(Read More)
Religion and Political Power
Religion and Political Power (July 1989)
Gustavo Benavides - Editor
Martin W. Daly - Editor

This book explores the interaction between two of the most charged topics in the modern world, religion and politics. It shows the inextricable connection between religious attitudes and representations, and political activities.

After an introductory chapter explores theoretically the religious articulations of political power, the authors examine the role played by religion in the current political situation in several cou...(Read More)
The President as Prisoner
The President as Prisoner (July 1989)
A Structural Critique of the Carter and Reagan Years
William F. Grover - Author

"Daring arguments are among the easiest to criticize. This book says a lot that needs to be said, and does so well. A strong thumbs up." -- Robert Spitzer, State University of New York, Cortland

This book focuses, not on the Constitutional balance of power between Congress and the White House--a focus that restricts analysis to questions of means--but on the more unsettling and often unexamined question of the ends of the pres...(Read More)
Margins of Political Discourse
Margins of Political Discourse (July 1989)
Fred Dallmayr - Author

"Margins of political discourse" are those border zones where paradigms intersect and where issues of order and disorder, meaning and non-meaning must be continually renegotiated.

Our age is marked by multiple dislocations, by political as well as philosophical paradigm shifts. Politically, a Europe-centered world order has given way to a decentered arena of global power struggles. Philosophically, traditional metaphysics -- itself ...(Read More)
New York State Today
New York State Today (June 1985)
First Edition
Peter W. Colby - Editor

This is the ideal reader on New York State—a fresh, up-to-date introduction to the politics, government, and public policies. Its list of thirty-one contributors includes many well-known and active figures in government. The text covers the history and background of Empire State politics, the state constitution, the political geography of the state, its branches of government, voting and elections, and such vital issues as crime, educati...(Read More)
Low-Key Politics
Low-Key Politics (June 1979)
Local-Level Leadership and Change in the Middle East
Richard T. Antoun - Author

Study of a Jordanian village, focusing on the choice of available political strategies.
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