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From the Dark
From the Dark (June 1984)
Len Roberts - Author

“The strange word that comes to mind when I think of Len Roberts’ poetry is ‘loyalty’. Loyalty to language, loyalty to the past, loyalty to the spirit. There is a beautiful moral presence in these poems. We should be grateful that our poetry will be in the hands of such as he.” — Gerald Stern

“Sometimes the facts of Len Roberts’ world are raw, nearly coarse, the questions...(Read More)
Plato's Defence of Poetry
Plato's Defence of Poetry (June 1984)
Julius A. Elias - Author

Ignorant, irrational and irresponsible: these are the terms used by Plato when referring to poets. Yet the philosopher acknowledged that he was not insensible to the charms of poetry, and many would agree that Plato's myths are themselves poetry of the very first rank.

In Plato's Defence of Poetry--the first full-scale treatment of the subject since 1905--Julius A. Elias demonstrates that Plato offers a defence of poetry in response ...(Read More)
Translations of the Gospel Back into Tongues
Translations of the Gospel Back into Tongues (June 1983)
C. D. Wright - Author

“CD Wright’s is a poetry of  Southern mountain vision brought to the streets in a language of brilliant synaesthesia, colloquial warmth and laconic wit. These are unpredictable poems of jazz, dreams, domestic violence and ‘what is written on mirrors in Louisville.’ The territory is uniquely Wright’s, but borders that of James Agee and Diane Arbus: common, strange and filled with risk. Throughout these poems...(Read More)
Francesco Petrarca, Citizen of the World
Francesco Petrarca, Citizen of the World (June 1980)
Aldo S. Bernardo - Editor

This book contains the proceedings of the World Petrarch Congress held in Washington, D.C., April 6-13, 1974 to commemorate the 600th anniversary of Petrarch's death.
The Unknown Light
The Unknown Light (June 1979)
Fray Luis de Leon - Author
Willis Barnstone - Editor/translator

This bilingual edition is the first complete English-language collection of poems by this Golden Age writer, considered one of the masters of Spanish literature. Includes León’s own preface and tributes to Garcia Lorca and Aleixandre. Barnstone’s introduction discusses León’s mystical symbols and visions.

“Fray Luis de León (1527–1591), an Augustinian monk of converso o...(Read More)
A Concordance to Juan Ruiz Libro de Buen Amor
A Concordance to Juan Ruiz Libro de Buen Amor (June 1977)
Rigo Mignani - Editor
Mario A. Di Cesare - Editor
George F. Jones - Editor

An exhaustive alphabetical list of all the principal words that were used in Libro de Buen Amor.

This book represents the first concordance of Juan Ruiz’s Book of Good Love (Libro de Buen Amor), written in the fourteenth century.The volume’s editors, dealing with three slightly different manuscripts, have chosen to meticulously integrate the language from all three editions into one t...(Read More)
Complete Poems and Collected Letters of Adelaide Crapsey
Complete Poems and Collected Letters of Adelaide Crapsey (June 1977)
Susan S. Smith - Editor

This book presents the poetry and letters of the American writer Adelaide Crapsey (1878-1914). Her best poetry deserves to be enjoyed by a larger audience, and her letters and newly discovered biographical materials reveal new charm and meaning in an intriguingly elusive character.

Crapsey did not live to see any of her mature poetry published: she received notice that her first poem had been accepted for publication only a...(Read More)
My Voice Because of You
My Voice Because of You (June 1976)
Pedro Salinas - Author
Willis Barnstone - Translator

The Spanish poet Pedro Salinas is a member of that group of brilliant and original poets called the Generation of ’27, a group which includes Rafael Alberti, Jorge Guillén, Luis Cernuda, Vincente Aleixandre, and Frederico García Lorca. First published as La voz a ti debida in Madrid in 1933, Salinas’ sequence of seventy poems is his most famous work, and is thought by many to be the best book of love poetry wri...(Read More)
Antologia de la Poesia Latinoamericana
Antologia de la Poesia Latinoamericana (June 1974)
Stefan Baciu - Editor

No descriptive copy available.
Art of Poetry
Art of Poetry (June 1974)
Horace - Author
Burton Raffel - Translation and introduction by

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