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reverberations (March 1994)
across the shimmering CASCADAS
Jeffner Allen - Author

This is a groundbreaking work of poetry, autobiography, lesbian studies, multicultural writing, feminist philosophy, and postmodernism. Jeffner Allen achieves a crossing of borders and complex worlds often heralded in feminist theory but rarely attempted.

These abundance writings are intimate chattings that celebrate collisions transitions unexpected that welcome fluidity a breathing that traverse deaths and lives...(Read More)
The Poetics of the Common Knowledge
The Poetics of the Common Knowledge (November 1993)
Don Byrd - Author

"Don Byrd's book presents postmodernism as a continuation of the metaphysical skeptical tradition, reaching its dead end with deconstruction. Byrd's alternative in literary studies is a return to poetry as a revitalization of language. The book is very learned, and written with verve and vigor." -- Mihai I. Spariosu, The University of Georgia

"This is an important, provocative book. At a time when poetics--especially that of the dif...(Read More)
A Barfield Sampler
A Barfield Sampler (September 1993)
Poetry and Fiction By Owen Barfield
Owen Barfield - Author
Jeanne Clayton Hunter - Editor
Thomas Kranidas - Editor

This is a collection of the fiction and poetry of one of the twentieth century's most influential and significant thinkers. Barfield is known widely for his explorations of human consciousness, the history of language, the origins of poetic effect, and the interaction of the disciplines, especially literature and the hard sciences. This book presents Barfield as a writer of imaginative literature.

In the stories, one find...(Read More)
Emily Dickinson, Woman of Letters
Emily Dickinson, Woman of Letters (July 1993)
Poems and Centos From Lines in Emily Dickinson's Letters
Lewis Turco - Author

"The book insists that we reintegrate our experience of poetry and this poet, Emily Dickinson. The fusion of art--superb original poetry--with deeply informed criticism is the book's outstanding characteristic. It is beautifully written by all hands." -- H. R. Coursen, Bowdoin College

Buried in Emily Dickinson's letters are many lines that are stunningly beautiful, as beautiful as any to be found in her poems. Lewis Turco has taken some of...(Read More)
The Stuff of Literature
The Stuff of Literature (April 1992)
Physical Aspects of Texts and Their Relation to Literary Meaning
E. A. Levenston - Author

The total meaning of a work of literature derives not only from what the words mean, but from what the text looks like. This stuff of literature, graphic substance or the physical raw material, is explored here in Levenston's comprehensive survey.

Levenston discusses the main literary genres of poetry, drama, and fiction, and the extent to which they may be said to exist primarily in written or spoken form, or both. He ...(Read More)
Reading Old Friends
Reading Old Friends (February 1992)
Essays, Reviews, and Poems on Poetics 1975-1990
John Matthias - Author

"John Matthias is one of the leading poets in the USA at the moment. He is also an accomplished critic. These pieces are written in a congenial and civilized style. They are not 'criticism' in the current sense of tedious argument and defended theory. John writes for an audience that reads. Even so, there is a great deal of good criticism here, and the book will be reviewed as a critical tour de force. This is a lively book, an intelligent one...(Read More)
Poems (July 1991)
Rosalia de Castro - Author
Anna-Marie Aldaz - Editor, translator and introduction by
Barbara N. Gantt - Editor, translator and introduction by
Anne C. Bromley - Editor, translator and foreword by
Joseph Boles - Foreword by

"As a lover of Rosalia's poetry and a Galician myself, I was deeply touched by the beauty of this English rendering of her work, which will constitute a most valuable addition to Rosalia de Castro studies." -- Carlos Feal, State University of New York at Buffalo

This book presents translations of poems by the Spanish poet, Rosalia de Castro, who is today considered one of the outstanding figures of nineteeth-century Spanish literature....(Read More)
Poetry of Contemplation
Poetry of Contemplation (June 1990)
John Donne, George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, and the Modern Period
Arthur L. Clements - Author

“The author addresses the subtle, difficult question of whether poetry by its nature has a redemptive quality; that is, has poetry the intrinsic power to transform the perspective from that of the little ego to that of the Self? By studying in detail three poets, the author provides substantial evidence for affirming poetry's redemptive power and carries the implications of the analysis of seventeenth-century poetry into the twentieth cent...(Read More)
Pattern Poetry
Pattern Poetry (July 1987)
Guide to an Unknown Literature
Dick Higgins - Author

Pattern poetry--poetry from before 1900 that fuses literature and visual art--has existed since the times of ancient Crete and Egypt. Less well known than modern visual poetry, pattern poetry has been produced in most European and American literatures, and, as close analogues, in many oriental literatures.

This book tells the history of pattern poetry, documenting and classifying more than 2,000 works. Illustrations of each...(Read More)
The American Sublime
The American Sublime (June 1986)
Mary Arensberg - Editor

American poetics has been radicalized in recent years by revisionist theories which replay and ground poets against their Romantic precursors. Beginning with the sublime politics of Emerson and ending with women poets who renounce the authority of gender, The American Sublime represents the various modes of recent critical thinking.

This collection of essays takes up the mapping of the American sublime begun by Harold Bloom. Prefaced...(Read More)
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