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Neglected Aspects of American Poetry
Neglected Aspects of American Poetry (January 1997)
The Greek Independence War and Other Studies
Aaron Kramer - Author

Challenging the neglected aspects of American poetry.

That most artistic creations will sink into shadow is inevitable; after all, entire ages of history have fallen into neglect along with their art. Yet, this unjust oblivion can and should be challenged. In this collection of poetry, the author assaults not only the neglect into which a fascinating epoch has fallen, but also the disappearance of numerous writers...(Read More)
Contemporary British Poetry
Contemporary British Poetry (September 1996)
Essays in Theory and Criticism
James Acheson - Editor
Romana Huk - Editor

This collection of original essays focuses on new and continuing movements in British Poetry. It offers a wide ranging look at feminist, working class, and other poets of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Devoted to close readings of poets and their contexts from various postmodern perspectives, this book offers a wide-ranging look at the work of feminists and "post feminist" poets, working class poets, and poets of diverse ...(Read More)
Wordsworth and the Zen Mind
Wordsworth and the Zen Mind (April 1996)
The Poetry of Self-Emptying
John G. Rudy - Author

Studies Wordsworth in the context of Zen thought and art.

"This is a refreshingly new comparative effort on Zen and Wordsworth, bringing into play the subtleties of Zen experience and the deep spirituality of Wordsworth." --Kenneth Inada, State University of New York at Buffalo

This book demonstrates that Zen thought and art provide both a generative and a formative context for understanding the s...(Read More)
Leaves of Mourning
Leaves of Mourning (March 1996)
Holderlin's Late Work - With an Essay on Keats and Melancholy
Anselm Haverkamp - Author
Vernon Chadwick - Translator

"One of the premier German/American critics of our time, Anselm Haverkamp interleaves the poetic word with its abyssal grounding in mourning. The result is an extraordinary work of Benjaminian allegory, which unfolds the intricacies of Holderlin's late works and the melancholic excesses of Keats. A striking illumination of romantic texts and their theoretical foundations, Leaves of Mourning will compel vigorous responses from the contiguous c...(Read More)
Eighteenth-Century Women Poets
Eighteenth-Century Women Poets (November 1995)
Nation, Class, and Gender
Moira Ferguson - Author

This book shows how eighteenth-century women's literature redefined nation and culture in class and gendered terms.
This book examines the poems of three Englishwomen--washerwoman Mary Collier, middle-class feminist polemicist Mary Scott, Bristol milkwoman Ann Yearsley, and Scottish dairywoman from Ayrshire, Janet Little. It questions how national identity might have influenced gender and class affiliations, and, reciprocally, how gender ...(Read More)
Scheming Women
Scheming Women (September 1995)
Poetry, Privilege, and the Politics of Subjectivity
Cynthia Hogue - Author

This book uses post structuralist, psychoanalytic, and feminist theories to read the poetry of Dickinson, Moore, H.D., and Rich.
Scheming Women charts a trajectory of American female poetic speakers from within a heterosexual lyric framework to bisexual and lesbian subjects outside that pervasive frame. In close readings of Dickinson, Moore, H.D., and Rich, the author makes a new argument about the division that permeates their poe...(Read More)
Solitudes (July 1995)
From Rimbaud to Heidegger
Marc Froment-Meurice - Author

The author reads Rimbaud, Mallarme. Holderlin, and Trakl in relation to philosophy, and in particular to Heidegger.

"Not only has Froment-Meurice tackled the most demanding of poetic questions--what is modernity?--but he has not shied away from the truth that this is also and perhaps above all a political question, understanding this term in the broad sense. His work will be of importance to more than one constituency; scholars in ...(Read More)
To Nietzsche: Dionysus, I Love You! Ariadne
To Nietzsche: Dionysus, I Love You! Ariadne (December 1994)
Claudia Crawford - Author

This book explores the possibility that Friedrich Nietzsche simulated his madness as a form of 'voluntary death,' and thus that his madness functioned as the symbolic culmination of his philosophy.

The book weaves together scholarly, mytho-poetic, literary critical, biographical, and dramatic genres not only to explore specifics of Nietzsche's 'madness,' but to question the 'reason/madness' o...(Read More)
Inflected Language: Toward a Hermeneutics of Nearness
Inflected Language: Toward a Hermeneutics of Nearness (October 1994)
Heidegger, Levinas, Stevens, Celan
Krzysztof Ziarek - Author

Proposes to rethink the ontological and ethical dimensions of language by rereading Heidegger’s work and by engaging Levinas’ ethics and contemporary poetics.

In the aftermath of poststructuralist debates, Inflected Language proposes to rethink the ontological and ethical dimensions of language by rereading Heidegger's work, more specifically his reflection on poetry, and by engaging Levinas' ethic...(Read More)
In the First Country of Places
In the First Country of Places (September 1994)
Nature, Poetry, and Childhood Memory
Louise Chawla - Author

"I have a great respect for the way in which Dr. Chawla has been able to address and integrate a diverse set of literatures--environmental psychology, developmental psychology, phenomenology, literature and literary criticism, nature studies, and feminist theory. I am not surprised at the breadth of her insights because she has been so clear about her hermeneutic and phenomenological approach to the questions about childhood memories, nature, and d...(Read More)
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