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Sand and Traffic
Sand and Traffic (August 2010)
Pauline Powers Uchmanowicz - Author

From “Knee Deep in Mud My Mother”

Would you be so terrifying

uncoffined, dried earth caked on your calves,

disintegrating in a field among weeds

like an animal whose death

makes a place large and strange?

Uchmanowicz’s poetry lives in its form and its formalism e...(Read More)
Seeing Venice
Seeing Venice (August 2010)
An Eye in Love
Frederick Franck - Author

.“Venice is so much more than canals, bridges, gondolas. It is an unbroken sequence of ever-changing moods; festive, frivolous, elegiac and melancholy, forever foreign yet totally intimate.” — from Seeing Venice

Take a luminous journey deep into the heart of hidden Venice with Frederick Franck as your guide. His quietly evocative drawings and descriptions bring to vivid life the city of i...(Read More)
Shorewards Tidewards
Shorewards Tidewards (August 2010)
Robert Waugh - Author

“Full Moon Tide”

I want to stop listening.

           I’m tired

of making sense, of having to listen, of taking

the ocean in day after day, of holding on

to its labor; you have to let go—and it blanks out lost

“Among my favorite poems in Rich Murphy’s The Apple in th...(Read More)
The Clay-Shaper's Husband
The Clay-Shaper's Husband (August 2010)
Michael Meyerhofer - Author

“Winner of the Codhill Poetry Chapbook Prize for 2007, Michael Meyerhofer’s The Clay-Shaper’s Husband ponders the ruins of everyday struggle, excavating grandeur and sorrow with keen, audible presence.” — Pauline Uchmanowicz, final judge

Michael Meyerhofer’s first book, Leaving Iowa, won the Liam Rector First Book Award. He is a...(Read More)
The Hairpin Tax
The Hairpin Tax (August 2010)
David Appelbaum - Author

“The fragmentary poems are of flight, written in the full fury of movement from a known habitat to one full of strangeness. The uncanny is their constant envoy. They enter into things at an obtuse angle and forget their origin, beyond good sense, beyond good taste and use of time … Perhaps a nomadic ear is able to make very subtle discrimination in text. Such an ear is at work here.” — from the Afterword

...(Read More)
The Robe of Love
The Robe of Love (August 2010)
Secret Instructions for the Heart
Laura Simms - Author

Acclaimed storyteller Laura Simms gives us a rich tapestry of tales that unveil the secrets of love in all of its forms. Passionate, riveting, often humorous, these stories of emotional, physical, and spiritual love come from a variety of traditions, including Celtic, Inuit, Persian, Hindu, Jewish, and African. As meaningful today as when they were first told, her evocative retellings of these tales of the mysteries of the heart lead us to m...(Read More)
The Way I Wait for You
The Way I Wait for You (August 2010)
David McCann - Author

“These poems are a wonderful, wide-ranging record of pleasure (or perhaps it is my pleasure reading them), for even those on death or persecuted poets have beauty and restraint and all of them, whether on seabirds or a Korean wedding, are touched with the poet’s signature wit and sense of astonishment.” — Paul Hamill, Poet Laureate, Tompkins County, New York

David McCann i...(Read More)
The Weathered Heart
The Weathered Heart (August 2010)
The Collected Sonnets of Harold A. Zlotnik
Harold A. Zlotnik - Author

This collection of sonnets, written over a fifty year period, treats such universal themes as loss, parental love, the cycle of the seasons, the ever presence of flux and change, and the tragic state of the world.

Harold A. Zlotnik (1914–) is a poet who has been published in The Saturday Review of Literature, The American Scholar, English Journal, Kaleidograp...(Read More)
The Wytheport Tales
The Wytheport Tales (August 2010)
Laurence Carr - Author

Sometimes angst-ridden, sometimes whimsical, sometimes meditative, these short “biographs” depict the life and times of a unique place and its haunting residents. The Wytheport Tales draws inspiration from a range of authors: Dante, Carroll, Joyce, Eliot, and Masters, as well as fantasists such as Cabell, Eddison, and MacDonald.

“In The Wytheport Tales, Laurence Carr observes&lsqu...(Read More)
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