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Biological Anthropology and Ethics
Biological Anthropology and Ethics (December 2004)
From Repatriation to Genetic Identity
Trudy R. Turner - Editor

The first comprehensive account of the ethical issues facing biological anthropologists today.

Biological anthropologists face an array of ethical issues as they engage in fieldwork around the world. In this volume human biologists, geneticists, paleontologists, and primatologists confront their involvement with, and obligations to, their research subjects, their discipline, society, and the environment. Those working...(Read More)
Biocultural Dimensions of Chronic Pain
Biocultural Dimensions of Chronic Pain (November 1995)
Implications for Treatment of Multi-Ethnic Populations
Maryann S. Bates - Author

Based on qualitative and quantitative studies in the United States and Puerto Rico, this book demonstrates the significant effect of patients' and health care providers' ethnic and cultural backgrounds on chronic pain.
"What I like most about this book is that first it addresses an important issue: the role of ethnicity and culture in chronic pain.. Much of what Bates says also applies not only to chronic disease but virtually all types ...(Read More)
Primate Social Conflict
Primate Social Conflict (April 1993)
William A. Mason - Editor
Sally P. Mendoza - Editor

This book examines conflict as a normal and recurrent feature of primate social life, emphasizing that the study of aggression and social conflict is important to understanding the basic processes that contribute to social order. The authors go well beyond the usual view which tends to equate social conflict with fights over food, mates, or social supremacy, and analyze the diverse manifestations and significance of conflict in a variety of case s...(Read More)
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