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Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science (June 1984)
Stanislav Grof - Editor

Recent advances in a variety of scientific disciplines have revealed the limitations of the Newtonian-Cartesian model of the universe. One of the interesting aspects of this development is the increasing convergence of science and the "perennial philosophy." The new research has led to a critical revaluation of ancient spiritual systems long ignored or rejected because of their assumed incompatibility with science.
Here are Swami Muktananda on ...(Read More)
Reality and Empathy
Reality and Empathy (June 1984)
Physics, Mind, and Science in the 21st Century
Alex Comfort - Author

Once in a century an overview shakes the mold of preconception and makes a world model fall into shape. This is such a book--absorbing, provocative, original, skeptical, and often very funny in spite of formidable scholarship. The focus of the book is on the change in self-perception which physics might bring about if it were made in some way empathically real to non-physicists. The common man's "existential" attitude is a prod...(Read More)
Evolution: Genesis and Revelations
Evolution: Genesis and Revelations (June 1981)
With Readings from Empedocles to Wilson
C. Leon Harris - Editor

"In teaching, I have often wished that someone would bring together many of the primary source readings which Harris has compiled. Equally valuable is his fresh and exuberant approach, in which familiar questions take on new dimensions. I find this book exciting and likely to stimulate classroom discussion." -- Professor Jane Maienschein, Dickenson College

In this comprehensive history of evolutionism, C. Leon Harris has combined primary sour...(Read More)
Whitehead's Organic Philosophy of Science
Whitehead's Organic Philosophy of Science (June 1979)
Ann L. Plamondon - Author

A new approach to Whitehead’s philosophy of science, relating his mature metaphysical system to contemporary discussions in the philosophy of science.

“An interestingly different perspective on basic current issues.” — CHOICE

“This essay throws new light on Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy of science and on its contemporary relevance … The res...(Read More)
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