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The Intelligence of Flowers
The Intelligence of Flowers (November 2007)
Maurice Maeterlinck - Author
Philip Mosley - Translation and introduction by

Winner of the 2008 Prix de la Traduction Littéraire presented by French Community of Belgium

A new translation of one of Maeterlinck’s four great nature essays.

“The republication of Maurice Maeterlinck’s ‘The Intelligence of Flowers,’ regrettably forgotten in our time, is long overdue. The introduction by Mosley is itself a gem, and contains one of the b...(Read More)
Darwin and the Nature of Species
Darwin and the Nature of Species (November 2006)
David N. Stamos - Author

Examines Darwin’s concept of species in a philosophical context.

Since the 1859 publication of On the Origin of Species, the concept of “species” in biology has been widely debated, with its precise definition far from settled. And yet, amazingly, there have been no books devoted to Charles Darwin’s thinking on the term until now. David N. Stamos gives us a groundbreaking, historical ...(Read More)
The Evolution of Death
The Evolution of Death (October 2006)
Why We Are Living Longer
Stanley Shostak - Author

Argues that death is not unchanging, but rather has evolved over time.

In The Evolution of Death, the follow-up to Becoming Immortal: Combining Cloning and Stem-Cell Therapy, also published by SUNY Press, Stanley Shostak argues that death, like life, can evolve. Observing that literature, philosophy, religion, genetics, physics, and gerontology still struggle to explain why we die, Shostak explores the ...(Read More)
Karl Popper and the Social Sciences
Karl Popper and the Social Sciences (January 2006)
William A. Gorton - Author

The first systematic treatment of Karl Popper’s contribution to the philosophy of the social sciences.

This is the first book-length exploration of Karl Popper’s often-neglected contributions to the philosophy of social science. William A. Gorton situates Popper’s ideas on social inquiry within the broader framework of his thought, including his philosophy of natural science, ...(Read More)
Psychoanalysis at the Limit
Psychoanalysis at the Limit (May 2004)
Epistemology, Mind, and the Question of Science
Jon Mills - Editor

Examines the question of science, epistemology, and unconscious experience in psychoanalytic theory and practice.

Psychoanalysis has long been charged as being a pseudoscience. This timely book explores and reexamines the nature of psychoanalysis within contemporary debates about science, epistemology, unconscious experience, and the philosophy of mind. Distinguished scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds...(Read More)
Physics and Whitehead
Physics and Whitehead (December 2003)
Quantum, Process, and Experience
Timothy E. Eastman - Editor
Hank Keeton - Editor

Leading scholars explore the connections between quantum physics and process philosophy.

Featuring discussions and dialogue by prominent scientists and philosophers, this book explores the rich interface of contemporary physics and Whitehead-inspired process thought. The contributors share the conviction that quantum physics not only corroborates many of Whitehead's philosophical theses, but is also illuminated by them....(Read More)
Epistemology (October 2003)
An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge
Nicholas Rescher - Author

A comprehensive introduction to the theory of knowledge.

Guided by the founding ideas of American pragmatism, Epistemology provides a clear example of the basic concepts involved in knowledge acquisition and explains the principles at work in the development of rational inquiry. It examines how these principles analyze the course of scientific progress and how the development of scientific inquiry inevitably en...(Read More)
The Connectivity Hypothesis
The Connectivity Hypothesis (July 2003)
Foundations of an Integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life, and Consciousness
Ervin Laszlo - Author
Ralph H. Abraham - Foreword by

Provides the foundations of a genuine unified field theory.

Ervin Laszlo, widely regarded as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, introduces the foundations of a genuine unified theory of the world in this pioneering treatise on the new sciences. In contrast to other unified theories that center mainly on physics, Laszlo's embraces quantum, cosmos, life, as well as consciousness. He delineat...(Read More)
Geo-Logic (February 2003)
Breaking Ground between Philosophy and the Earth Sciences
Robert Frodeman - Author

Seeks to redraw the boundaries between the fields of geology and environmental philosophy.

Using a unified vision of geology, consisting of equal parts geo-poetry, geo-politics, geo-theology, and geo-science, Geo-Logic redraws the boundaries between philosophy and the earth sciences. Although each discipline makes crucial contributions to contemporary environmental concerns, neither will fulfill its potential until it tr...(Read More)
The Last Resistance
The Last Resistance (August 2002)
The Concept of Science as a Defense against Psychoanalysis
Marcus Bowman - Author

A fundamentally new examination of the controversies raging around psychoanalysis.

Radical and uncompromising, The Last Resistance is a penetrating rediscovery of the essential nature of psychoanalysis. Looking behind the masks of reason adopted by Freud’s chief critics, Bowman shows how those who claim most insistently to speak for science and who claim to know what science should be, are actually the most dogmat...(Read More)
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