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Rereading Freud
Rereading Freud (April 2004)
Psychoanalysis through Philosophy
Jon Mills - Editor

Continental philosophers examine Freud's metapsychology.

Rereading Freud
assembles eminent philosophical scholars and clinical practitioners from continental, pragmatic, feminist, and psychoanalytic paradigms to examine Freud's metapsychology. Fundamentally distorted and misinterpreted by generations of English speaking commentators, Freud's theories are frequently misunderstood within psychoanalysis today. This bo...(Read More)
The Power of Reinforcement
The Power of Reinforcement (January 2004)
Stephen Ray Flora - Author

Choice Outstanding Academic Title

Makes the controversial argument that reinforcement is a real and valuable force in human behavior.

According to Stephen Ray Flora, reinforcement is a very powerful tool for improving the human condition despite often being dismissed as regarding people as less than human and as "overly simplistic." This book addresses and defends the use ...(Read More)
The Book of Love and Pain
The Book of Love and Pain (November 2003)
Thinking at the Limit with Freud and Lacan
Juan-David Nasio - Author
David Pettigrew - Translator
François Raffoul - Translator

Addresses the limits in treating pain psychoanalytically, and offers a phenomenological description of psychic pain, particularly the pain of a lost loved one.

In The Book of Love and Pain, Juan-David Nasio offers the first exclusive treatment of psychic pain in Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalytic literature. Using insights gained from more than three decades as a practicing psychoanalyst, Nasio addresses the ...(Read More)
The Soul in Everyday Life
The Soul in Everyday Life (September 2003)
Daniel Chapelle - Author

Argues that contemporary psychology neglects the soul and addresses ways to remedy this.

The Soul in Everyday Life
argues that modern psychology has given up on dealing with the idea of soul (or psyche), even though the field is named after it. If psychology wishes to be truly satisfying, it needs to be more than behavioral science, according to Daniel Chapelle. He concludes that psychology can only satisfy the deepe...(Read More)
Psychology and the Question of Agency
Psychology and the Question of Agency (May 2003)
Jack Martin - Author
Jeff Sugarman - Author
Janice Thompson - Author

Looks at the limits of free will in human action.

Disciplinary psychology has failed to achieve a coherent conception of human agency. Instead, it oscillates between two differing conceptions of agency that are equally untenable: a scientistic, reductive approach to choice and action, and an instrumental approach that celebrates a romantic notion of free will. This book examines theoretical, philosophical psychology and ...(Read More)
About Psychology
About Psychology (March 2003)
Essays at the Crossroads of History, Theory, and Philosophy
Darryl B. Hill - Editor
Michael J. Kral - Editor

A critical and historical overview of psychology.

Demonstrating how psychologists use theory, philosophy, and history to illuminate the subjects they study, this book explores both the obstacles and benefits of integrating these perspectives into contemporary Western psychology. It offers a timely survey of current ideas at the crossroads of these disciplines and represents new ideas about how psychology can respond to c...(Read More)
The Ethical Dimension of Psychoanalysis
The Ethical Dimension of Psychoanalysis (February 2003)
A Dialogue
W. W. Meissner - Author

Explores the contributions that psychoanalysis can make to the study of ethics, and vice versa.

Addressing the common ground between ethics and psychoanalysis, W. W. Meissner asks "Does psychoanalysis have anything to contribute to ethical understanding and reflection?" and conversely, "Does ethics have anything to offer analytic understanding of the complexities of human behavior and decision-making?"...(Read More)
The Unconscious Abyss
The Unconscious Abyss (August 2002)
Hegel's Anticipation of Psychoanalysis
Jon Mills - Author

The first extended treatment of Hegel’s theory of the unconscious and his anticipation of Freud.

Offering the first comprehensive examination of Hegel’s theory of the unconscious abyss, Jon Mills rectifies a much neglected area of Hegel scholarship. Mills shows that the unconscious is the foundation for conscious and self-conscious life and is responsible for the normative and pathological forces that fu...(Read More)
The Meaning of the Dream in Psychoanalysis
The Meaning of the Dream in Psychoanalysis (April 2002)
Rachel B. Blass - Author

Offers scientific and philosophical support to the Freudian claim that dreams are meaningful and that their meanings can be discovered through dream interpretation.

The Freudian claim that dreams are meaningful and that their meanings can be discovered through dream interpretation has in recent times come under harsh attack from both scientific and hermeneutic-psychoanalytic circles. In a forceful response to these cr...(Read More)
Joy and the Objects of Psychoanalysis
Joy and the Objects of Psychoanalysis (September 2001)
Literature, Belief, and Neurosis
Volney P. Gay - Author

Shows how literature can aid psychoanalysts in the understanding of psychological conflicts.

For more than a hundred years, psychoanalysts have applied their theories of neurosis to objects of culture, including literature. In this book, psychoanalyst, anthropologist, and scholar of religion Volney P. Gay reverses field and uses literature to reevaluate psychoanalysis. Arguing that neurosis occurs when we cannot recollect joy, Gay focu...(Read More)
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