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Occasional Deconstructions
Occasional Deconstructions (October 2004)
Julian Wolfreys - Author

Argues that deconstruction is not a critical methodology or theory but that which makes any act of good reading possible.

In Occasional Deconstructions, Julian Wolfreys challenges the notion that deconstruction is a critical methodology, offering instead a number of reintroductions or reorientations to the texts of Jacques Derrida and the idea or possibility of deconstructions. Proceeding from specific readings...(Read More)
Traumatic Encounters
Traumatic Encounters (August 2003)
Holocaust Representation and the Hegelian Subject
Paul Eisenstein - Author

Addresses the difficulty of representing the Holocaust in literature and on film.

Traumatic Encounters
argues for an alternative memorial path in Holocaust and cultural studies—one that shows the vital necessity of thinking in a universal way about an event like the Holocaust. Relying on Hegel's notion that the particular is already universal, Eisenstein shows how the encounter with trauma transpires not in the ...(Read More)
The Abyss Above
The Abyss Above (July 2002)
Philosophy and Poetic Madness in Plato, Holderlin, and Nietzsche
Silke-Maria Weineck - Author

Uses the figure of the mad poet to explore the connections between madness and creativity.

In The Abyss Above, Silke-Maria Weineck offers the first sustained discussion of the relationship between poetic madness and philosophy. Focusing on the mad poet as a key figure in what Plato called “the ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry,” Weineck explores key texts from antiquity to modernity in orde...(Read More)
After Ontology
After Ontology (April 2001)
Literary Theory and Modernist Poetics
William D. Melaney - Author

Offers a reconsideration of modernism in both philosophy and literature.

After Ontology identifies the uniquely postmodern elements in hermeneutics and deconstruction in order to re-read many of the central texts in modernist literature. In a comparative study that illuminates points of contact between the philosophical positions of Gadamer and Derrida, William D. Melaney discusses Heidegger's influence on both ...(Read More)
New Perspectives on Narrative Perspective
New Perspectives on Narrative Perspective (March 2001)
Willie van Peer - Editor
Seymour Chatman - Editor

Offers an interdisciplinary approach to narrative perspective, with essays by leading scholars of literary studies, cognitive psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and film and media criticism.

Narrative perspective is the faculty through which humans understand, structure, and explore the world that confronts them. This is the first volume to bring together the theoretical study of perspective with the rigor of experimental studies, co...(Read More)
Immemorial Silence
Immemorial Silence (March 2001)
Karmen MacKendrick - Author

Treats time, eternity, language, and silence in an original way.

Drawing on philosophy, theology, and literature, from the early Middle Ages to the present, Immemorial Silence traces a series of intertwined ideas. Exploring silence as the absence of language, which is nonetheless inherent in language itself, and eternity as the outside of time, cutting through time itself, the book unfolds a series of connections ...(Read More)
Shakespeare's Political Realism
Shakespeare's Political Realism (January 2001)
The English History Plays
Tim Spiekerman - Author

Explores the continuing relevance of important political themes in five of Shakespeare's English History plays.

This book provides fresh interpretations of five of Shakespeare's history plays (King John, Richard II, Henry IV, Parts I and II, and Henry V), each guided by the often criticized assumption that Shakespeare can teach us something about politics. In contrast to many contemporary political cr...(Read More)
The Experimental Arabic Novel
The Experimental Arabic Novel (November 2000)
Postcolonial Literary Modernism in the Levant
Stefan G. Meyer - Author

Traces the development of the modern Arabic novel from the 1960s to the present.

The Experimental Arabic Novel places the modern and contemporary Arabic novel in the context of the modernist-postmodern culture debate in the West. Tracing the development of experimentalism in the modern Arabic novel from the 1960s to the present, Meyer argues that it is possible to speak of distinct literary modernisms that have ea...(Read More)
The Success and Failure of Fredric Jameson
The Success and Failure of Fredric Jameson (November 2000)
Writing, the Sublime, and the Dialectic of Critique
Steven Helmling - Author

A critical overview of the work of Fredric Jameson, with an emphasis on his notoriously difficult writing style.

This is the first book to provide a critical overview of the work and career, as a whole, of the Marxist culture-critic Fredric Jameson, foremost among American intellectuals and a vanguard figure in the "theory movement" of the past three decades. Steven Helmling identifies major themes and traces both continuity and chang...(Read More)
Derrida and the Future of Literature
Derrida and the Future of Literature (September 1999)
Joseph G. Kronick - Author

Presented here is the fullest account to date of Derrida's unconventional understanding of literature and its importance to the development of a poststructural ethics. Kronick explains why Derrida has had such a great impact upon literary studies, and at the same time, he demonstrates how different Derrida's conception of literature is from the literary critic's. Focusing on such key topics as singularity, justice, law, aporia, and the event, this b...(Read More)
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