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Autism and the Crisis of Meaning
Autism and the Crisis of Meaning (February 1996)
Alexander Durig - Author

Provides a comprehensive understanding of the informal logics of meaningful perception and autistic perception, which promises to pave the way for social scientists to begin addressing the subjective human experience in logical terms.

"The experience of persons with autism is analyzed using a symbolic interactionist framework (with a twist) and the results of this theoretical analysis are used to help us understand the '...(Read More)
Rethinking Knowledge
Rethinking Knowledge (February 1995)
Reflections Across the Disciplines
Robert F. Goodman - Editor
Walter R. Fisher - Editor

This is an exploration of modernism and postmodernism in regard to knowledge: methods of inquiry, operations of the mind, the role of values, conceptions of self, and the problematic of reason.

"This book addresses a set of epistemic developments important throughout the academy. The range of contributors is excellent, and their collective prestige will attract more than a few readers all by itself. A further advantage...(Read More)
Recovering Pragmatism's Voice
Recovering Pragmatism's Voice (December 1994)
The Classical Tradition, Rorty, and the Philosophy of Communication
Lenore Langsdorf - Editor
Andrew R. Smith - Editor

"This collection supplies us with a nicely balanced set of perspectives--neither dismissive nor adulatory. In the crush of contemporaneity, it's good to have the historical framework reconstructed. And the emphasis on communication creates valuable insight." -- Bruce Wilshire, Rutgers University

This book focuses on what pragmatism tells us about the nature and function of communication. Its goals are to recover a singular voice of pragmatism...(Read More)
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