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Islamic Theology and Philosophy
Islamic Theology and Philosophy (June 1984)
Studies in Honor of George F. Hourani
Michael E. Marmura - Editor

Some of the foremost living scholars in Islamic thought have come together to create a standard and definitive work on the subject of Islamic thought. Noted scholars from North America, Europe, and the Middle East offer new and generative interpretations of major themes in the field. They address perennial theological and philosophical questions: the nature of the God-head, the ultimate constitution of matter, the world's origin, causality, divin...(Read More)
Mind, Modality, Meaning, and Method
Mind, Modality, Meaning, and Method (June 1984)
Richard M. Martin - Author

Quine on Ontology, Necessity, and Experience
Quine on Ontology, Necessity, and Experience (June 1984)
A Philosophical Critique
Ilham Dilman - Author

This study is a critique of Quine's views on three interrelated topics that figure prominently in his work and on which he has developed very distinctive opinions. Dr. Dilman provides detailed criticism of these views and contrasts them with Wittgenstein's understanding of the same topics. Throughout this systematic analysis, the author questions basic assumptions on which the Quinean edifice rests.

The book argues that Quine's notion of on...(Read More)
Unreality and Time
Unreality and Time (June 1984)
Robert S. Brumbaugh - Author

"The understanding of time proves an even more complex enterprise than any past explanatory definitions, models, or metaphors have suggested. Such an understanding, however, promises to give us more insight and control than the history of past discussions of time would have allowed us to hope." -- Robert S. Brumbaugh

This book recognizes and questions a key assumption about time which is shared by common sense and philosophy-- the assumption...(Read More)
William James
William James (June 1984)
The Essential Writings
Bruce Wilshire - Editor

The importance of this collection of writings of William James lies in the fact that it has been arranged to provide a systematic introduction to his major philosophical discoveries, and precisely to those doctrines and theories that are of most burning current interest. William James: The Essential Writings is a series of philosophical arguments on some of the most "obscure and head-cracking problems" in contemporary philosophy; the ...(Read More)
Eros and Irony
Eros and Irony (June 1983)
A Prelude to Philosophical Anarchism
David L. Hall - Author

"The conception of culture and philosophy's role within it developed in this work permits interesting formulations of a number of important issues and concepts: the relations between the utopian and utilitarian functions of philosophic theory; the character of the aesthetic and mystical sensibilities; the meaning and function of metaphor and of irony; the value of theoretical consensus; the nature of philosophic communication; and the distinctive r...(Read More)
Existential Technics
Existential Technics (June 1983)
Don Ihde - Author

With Existential Technics, Don Ihde advances his reflections on the role technology plays in human life. Heretofore primarily the province of Continental thinkers, philosophy of technology is a growing preoccupation of North American philosophers. This collection of essays is a philosophical reflection on and critique of human experience from a clearly American perspective guided by phenomenological analysis.

This book is divided int...(Read More)
Hegel's Concept of God
Hegel's Concept of God (June 1983)
Quentin Lauer - Author

Presents the first comprehensive view of Hegel’s contribution to the God-question.

“If one takes a panoramic view of Hegel’s entire philosophical endeavor—the endeavor to come to grips with and to be committed to reality in the concrete—one is struck by one inescapable idea: The Hegelian enterprise is an extraordinarily unified and grandiose attempt to elaborate one concept, which Hegel sees as the root of...(Read More)
Insights and Oversights of Great Thinkers
Insights and Oversights of Great Thinkers (June 1983)
An Evaluation of Western Philosophy
Charles Hartshorne - Author

One learns a great deal about a major philosopher by coming to appreciate his perspective on the history of philosophy. Here Charles Hartshorne gives us just such a perspective on the history of philosophy and thereby on himself. This is a reexamination of the history of philosophy, looking at neglected aspects of the philosophers' thought, interpreting their views in a sharply focused, controversial manner in order to show the origins and develop...(Read More)
Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics
Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics (June 1983)
Stephen David Ross - Author

Stephen David Ross presents an extensive, detailed, and critical interpretation of Whitehead's mature thought, emphasizing the fundamental role of perspective in Whitehead's cosmology, and tracing the conflicts and difficulties therein to tensions involving perspective in relation to other central features of Whitehead's thought. Ross isolates four principles as having a fundamental role in whitehead's metaphysics: perspective, cosmology, experien...(Read More)
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