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Dialogue and Discovery
Dialogue and Discovery (January 1987)
A Study in Socratic Method
Kenneth Seeskin - Author

This book examines the Socratic method of elenchus or refutation. Refutation by its very nature is a conflict which in the hands of Plato becomes high drama. The continuing conversation in which it occurs is more a test of character than of intellect. Dialogue and Discovery shows that, in his conversations, Socrates seeks to define moral qualities--moral essences--with the goal of improving the soul of the respondent.

Ethics underlies ep...(Read More)
Human Rights and Human Diversity
Human Rights and Human Diversity (December 1986)
An Essay in the Philosophy of Human Rights
A. J. M. Milne - Author

This original and provocative book is concerned with fundamental questions in moral, political, and legal philosophy. It challenges both supporters and sceptics alike to rethink their ideas about human rights. The author explains that human life is not the same everywhere, noting that there are different traditions of culture and civilization. He argues that an adequate idea of human rights must take such a diversity seriously, and unlike the UN ...(Read More)
The Philosophy of Laughter and Humor
The Philosophy of Laughter and Humor (December 1986)
John Morreall - Editor

"There has long been a need for a source book of classical writings on the nature of humor and laughter. The Morreall book fills this long-standing need. In what other single book can one find out what made Hobbes, Descartes, Kant, and Schopenhauer laugh? And in what other book can one learn what they (and many other philosophers) believed to be the essence of laughter?" -- Jeffrey H. Goldstein, Temple University

This book assesses the ade...(Read More)
Moral Rights in the Workplace
Moral Rights in the Workplace (November 1986)
Gertrude Ezorsky - Editor

This book focuses on the moral problems that arise for people who labor in ordinary places -- factories, schools, mines, stores, and farms. Moral Rights in the Workplace examines problems of freedom and coercion that develop on the job, issues of the right to meaningful work, occupational health and safety, whistleblowing, the right to union organization, unemployment, and the flight of factories, the rights of health care workers, and work...(Read More)
New Essays in Metaphysics
New Essays in Metaphysics (November 1986)
Robert Cummings Neville - Editor

"...a straightforward and unpretentious sampler of what metaphysical positions one might hold now that the anti-metaphysical stances of a generation ago have been surpassed."--Donald Phillip Verene, Emory University

"Metaphysics has been unduly neglected in our 'age of analysis.' The appearance of this new generation of philosophers in a single volume ought to convince all readers that speculative metaphysics is alive and well in America." --...(Read More)
Philosophy in Britain Today
Philosophy in Britain Today (November 1986)
S. G. Shanker - Editor

These essays offer a fascinating and lively synopsis of the work of some of the most important thinkers in Britain today. The authors represent a wide cross-section of Britain's current philosophical spectrum, resulting in a stimulating intellectual profile of the leaders of a community which dominated Western philosophy for much of the twentieth century.

What makes a man or woman a philosopher? What are the new directions being pursued...(Read More)
Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit
Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit (November 1986)
Peter G. Stillman - Editor

This book focuses on Hegel's philosophy of spirit, his major concept and the core of his mature system. It does not so much define Geist as it does illustrate its many forms and manifestations. It is a broad-ranging examination of Volume III of Hegel's Encyclopedia delineating his radical break with previous philosophy and illuminating the heart of his thought.

Several themes recur: the meaning and content of recognition and intersubjectiv...(Read More)
Hermeneutics and Modern Philosophy
Hermeneutics and Modern Philosophy (November 1986)
Brice R. Wachterhauser - Editor

Hermeneutics and Modern Philosophy is a collection of interpretive and critical essays on philosophical hermeneutics, focusing on the seminal work of Heidegger and Gadamer. The anthology brings together classic pieces in the field that previously were widely scattered and includes new articles that shed light on much-debated issues in contemporary hermeneutics. Along with essays by Habermas and Gadamer, it features works by Paul Ricoeur, Wolf...(Read More)
Kashmir Shaivaism
Kashmir Shaivaism (November 1986)
J. C. Chatterji - Author

J. C. Chatterji's book is a brief introduction to the nature of ultimate reality and the manifestation of the universe according to the Trika System. It also covers, briefly, the history of this advaita Shaiva philosophy of Kashmir. First published in 1914 as the first book in "The Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies," it is still the clearest introduction to the Tattvas of the Trika.

Since the lower twenty-five of the thirty-six Tr...(Read More)
Philosophy in Process
Philosophy in Process (November 1986)
Vol. 9
Paul Weiss - Author

Philosophy in Process, Volume 9, continues the publication of the working journals, the intellectual diary of one of the greatest modern metaphysicians. It presents the unique opportunity to experience him at work, thinking critically about his past writings and breaking new ground in the creation of new works.

Paul Weiss is Heffer Professor of Philosophy at the Catholic University of America, his Philosophy in Process, Volu...(Read More)
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