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Formal, Transcendental, and Dialectical Thinking
Formal, Transcendental, and Dialectical Thinking (July 1987)
Logic and Reality
Errol E. Harris - Author

"Harris has written two or three really distinguished, perhaps great, books up to now; this is his best." -- James M. Edie

"Like Hegel's, Harris' reading is evolutionary, though Harris has the advantage, and takes it, of the latest science."
-- Robert Cummings Neville

This is a critical examination of the three types of logic advocated by current philosophical schools. Harris shows that certain basic presuppositions underlying the...(Read More)
Intuition and Ideality
Intuition and Ideality (July 1987)
David Weissman - Author

This book shows how idealism is a consequence of the intuitionist method. Idealism develops from mental content inspected by mind, or as mind characterizing itself. Weissman declares that the idea of an independent world, of a nature whose character and existence are independent of mind, cannot be recovered until we repudiate the intuitionist method. This psycho-centric ontology has been pervasive in Western philosophy since Parmenides and Plato....(Read More)
Intuition and Reflection in Self-Consciousness
Intuition and Reflection in Self-Consciousness (July 1987)
Kitaro Nishida - Author
Valdo H. Viglielmo - Translator
Takeuchi Toshinori - Translator
Joseph S. O'Leary - Translator

Nishida Kitaro's reformulation of the major issues of Western philosophy from a Zen standpoint of "absolute nothingness" and "absolutely contradictory self-identity" represents the boldest speculative enterprise of modern Japan, continued today by his successors in the "Kyoto School" of philosophy.

This English translation of Intuition and Reflection in Self-Consciousness evokes the movement and flavor of the original, clarifies its obscuri...(Read More)
John Dewey's Theory of Art, Experience, and Nature
John Dewey's Theory of Art, Experience, and Nature (July 1987)
The Horizons of Feeling
Thomas M. Alexander - Author

"This book puts Dewey's aesthetics and his general philosophical position in a refreshing perspective. It sustains a sensitive account of Dewey's conception of meaning and shows how some critics of the relation of aesthetics to the whole of his philosophy have overlooked the way aesthetic meaning was central to Dewey's thought before and after he distanced himself from idealism. The author knows his way inside Dewey's philosophy, and he has done a...(Read More)
Kant's Aesthetic
Kant's Aesthetic (July 1987)
Mary A. McCloskey - Author

This book presents an integrated interpretation and appraisal of Kant's mature aesthetic. The writer draws readers into the realization of what is important and enduring in the Critique of Aesthetic Judgment by taking up the issues Kant raises and relating them to contemporary themes in aesthetics. Those parts of Kant's theory that raise issues engaging contemporary discussion and debate, such as the role of pleasure, the tenability of the ...(Read More)
The Flight to Objectivity
The Flight to Objectivity (July 1987)
Essays on Cartesianism and Culture
Susan R. Bordo - Author

The Flight to Objectivity offers a new reading of Descartes' Meditations informed by cultural history, psychoanalytic and cognitive psychology, and feminist thought. It focuses not on Descartes' arguments as "timeless," culturally disembodied events, but on the psychological drama and imagery of the Meditations explored in the context of the historical instability of the seventeenth century and deep historical changes in the st...(Read More)
Vico and Joyce
Vico and Joyce (July 1987)
Donald Phillip Verene - Editor

Joyce said, "My imagination grows when I read Vico as it doesn't when I read Freud or Jung." This volume is the first extended examination of the connections between Vico and Joyce. Joyce employed Vico's New Science as the basis of Finnegans Wake, as he employed Homer's Odyssey as the basis of Ulysses. In what ways are Vico and Joyce similar? To what extent is Vico an influence on Joyce? And in what ways can Vico's philos...(Read More)
Wisdom as Moderation
Wisdom as Moderation (July 1987)
A Philosophy of the Middle Way
Charles Hartshorne - Author

"In crystal clear, arresting, and often humorous prose, Hartshorne defends and elaborates the thesis that wisdom seeks the aesthetic mean between boredom and chaos. The best philosophy and the best way to live is an aesthetic mean between positions that are extreme by virtue of exaggeration or purification. His argument advances on two levels. On the theoretical level it explains a theory of aesthetic beauty as a kind of moderation and illustrate...(Read More)
Wittgenstein: From Mysticism to Ordinary Language
Wittgenstein: From Mysticism to Ordinary Language (July 1987)
A Study of Viennese Positivism and the Thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein
Russell Nieli - Author

"Russell Nieli's book constitutes an extraordinary contribution to scholarship, unique in many of its insights. For the first time, we come to understand core perspectives of Wittgenstein which some of his most influential interpreters misunderstood. No other book on Wittgenstein has helped me to understand half as well Wittgenstein as a human being, a thinker, and a man in his history and culture. None is as reliably right in its interpretations. N...(Read More)
Wittgenstein and the Turning Point in the Philosophy of Mathematics
Wittgenstein and the Turning Point in the Philosophy of Mathematics (February 1987)
S. G. Shanker - Author

"Shanker presents a new and interesting interpretation of Wittgenstein's philosophy of mathematics. I am persuaded that he is reading Wittgenstein basically correctly. Wittgenstein's views seem even more radical and bizarre on Shanker's reading than they did before. Shanker also argues for the correctness of Wittgenstein's position, but I find that completely implausible. Nevertheless, his argument is vigorous and shows an excellent, up-to-date gras...(Read More)
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