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Individuality (January 1988)
An Essay on the Foundations of Metaphysics
Jorge J. E. Gracia - Author

The author begins by distinguishing six fundamental issues on the metaphysics of individuality. He then proceeds to examine the relation among these issues and to demonstrate that ignorance of the interrelationships has caused confusion in philosophy. In spite of the intricacy of the subject matter, the discussion is always clear, the arguments explicitly evaluated, and the solutions original. In addition, Gracia has assembled an array of histori...(Read More)
Plato, Time, and Education
Plato, Time, and Education (January 1988)
Essays in Honor of Robert S. Brumbaugh
Brian P. Hendley - Editor

This collection of original essays pays tribute to the man by exploring topics that have interested him through a long and productive career. Plato's mathematical imagery, his theory of perception, the role of engineering techne in the origin of Greek science, time and free will in Kant, Whitehead as teacher of teachers, mapping friendships, Kierkegaard and the necessity of forgery. These and other topics are given fresh treatments meant to...(Read More)
The Dilemma of Modernity
The Dilemma of Modernity (October 1987)
Philosophy, Culture, and Anti-Culture
Lawrence Cahoone - Author

"I believe this is the most original and creative philosophy of modern Western culture since The Dialectic of Enlightenment in the 1940s. It shows how even the critics from whom the book draws insights remain within the confines of subjectivism. Cahoone's argument for a non-subjectivist culture, and for non-subjectivist philosophy of culture, makes a decisive contribution to the restoration of philosophy to its proper a...(Read More)
Philosophy in Process
Philosophy in Process (September 1987)
Vol. 10
Paul Weiss - Author

The intellectual diary of one of the greatest modern metaphysicians. Covers April 15, 1984 through January 18, 1986.

Philosophy in Process, Volume 10, continues the publication of the working journals, the intellectual diary of one of the greatest modern metaphysicians. It presents the unique opportunity to experience him at work, thinking critically about his past writings and breaking ground in the cre...(Read More)
The Puritan Smile
The Puritan Smile (September 1987)
A Look Toward Moral Reflection
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

This book develops a contemporary metaphysics of morals. Currently the liberal tradition defines the field of moral and political theory. It contains the popular utilitarian, the deontological, and the virtue-ethics approaches to normative theory; and by a broad dialectical negation, it also defines the historical materialism of Marx. The Puritan Smile circumvents the Liberalism-Marxism dialectic with the Puritan emphasis on responsibility...(Read More)
Art and Its Significance
Art and Its Significance (August 1987)
An Anthology of Aesthetic Theory, Second Edition
Stephen David Ross - Editor

The four parts of this anthology comprise a remarkably wide array of positions on the nature and importance of art in human experience. Part I, from the history of philosophy, includes selections by the essential writers: Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche. Part II contains significant selections from Dewey, Langer, Goodman, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty. The major selections in Part III are from Hirsch and Gadamer on the nature of interpre...(Read More)
Plato on Justice and Power
Plato on Justice and Power (August 1987)
Reading Book I of Plato's Republic
Kimon Lycos - Author

Most commentaries on the Republic rush through Book I with embarrassment because the arguments of the participants, including Socrates, are specious. Beginning with Book II, the arguments are brilliant, so why did Plato write Book I? Lycos shows that the function of Book I is to attack the view that justice is external to the soul--external to the power humans have to render things good--and is merely instrumental to a good society. The dr...(Read More)
Creativity and Common Sense
Creativity and Common Sense (July 1987)
Essays in Honor of Paul Weiss
Thomas Krettek, SJ - Editor

Paul Weiss is one of the two or three most original and creative philosophers and metaphysicians in America today. Creativity and Common Sense reveals why. It contains fourteen recent articles on the thought of Paul Weiss by authors who are most familiar with his writings, including an essay by Charles Hartshorne that provides a unique perspective on Weiss by one who has known him for his entire career. Weiss is shown to be one of t...(Read More)
Formal, Transcendental, and Dialectical Thinking
Formal, Transcendental, and Dialectical Thinking (July 1987)
Logic and Reality
Errol E. Harris - Author

"Harris has written two or three really distinguished, perhaps great, books up to now; this is his best." -- James M. Edie

"Like Hegel's, Harris' reading is evolutionary, though Harris has the advantage, and takes it, of the latest science."
-- Robert Cummings Neville

This is a critical examination of the three types of logic advocated by current philosophical schools. Harris shows that certain basic presuppositions underlying the...(Read More)
Intuition and Ideality
Intuition and Ideality (July 1987)
David Weissman - Author

This book shows how idealism is a consequence of the intuitionist method. Idealism develops from mental content inspected by mind, or as mind characterizing itself. Weissman declares that the idea of an independent world, of a nature whose character and existence are independent of mind, cannot be recovered until we repudiate the intuitionist method. This psycho-centric ontology has been pervasive in Western philosophy since Parmenides and Plato....(Read More)
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