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The Postconventional Personality
The Postconventional Personality (April 2011)
Assessing, Researching, and Theorizing Higher Development
Angela H. Pfaffenberger - Editor
Paul W. Marko - Editor
Allan Leslie Combs - Editor

Cutting-edge volume devoted to optimal adult development.

Postconventional stages of personality development involve growth well beyond the average, and have become a rapidly growing subject of research not only in developmental psychology circles but also in areas such as executive leadership development. This book is the first to bring together many of the major researchers in the field, showcasing diverse pe...(Read More)
The Transcendent Function
The Transcendent Function (January 2004)
Jung's Model of Psychological Growth through Dialogue with the Unconscious
Jeffrey C. Miller - Author
Joan Chodorow - Foreword by

A close examination of the heart of Jung's theory of psychological growth and individuation.

The transcendent function is the core of Carl Jung's theory of psychological growth and the heart of what he called individuation, the process by which one is guided in a teleological way toward the person one is meant to be. This book thoroughly reviews the transcendent function, analyzing both the 1958 version of the seminal e...(Read More)
Time and Psychological Explanation
Time and Psychological Explanation (July 1993)
Brent D. Slife - Author

"This is a top-notch, scholarly work. I believe that Slife took a very difficult, complex topic and brought considerable understanding to it for the reader. Books of this type raise the level of sophistication in psychology." -- Joseph F. Rychlak, Loyola University

Psychology has been captured by an assumption that is almost totally unrecognized. This assumption--the linearity of time--unduly restricts theory and therapy, yet this restrict...(Read More)
Self-Perspectives across the Life Span
Self-Perspectives across the Life Span (July 1992)
Richard P. Lipka - Editor
Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor

When and how is the self acquired and what characterizes its development and change over the life span? What are the implications of using different methodologies to study the self with different age groups? This book addresses these and related questions.

"The authors have provided clearly written and well balanced accounts of the problems and possibilities inherent in 'self' that have been explored through the life span. The book provides i...(Read More)
Mirror, Mirror
Mirror, Mirror (December 1985)
The Importance of Looks in Everyday Life
Elaine Hatfield - Author
Susan Sprecher - Author

Mirror, Mirror... examines the hidden truth about good looks. Through extensive research of scholarly studies and popular culture, the authors provide a lively and comprehensive view of what behavioral scientists have learned about the effects of personal appearance. A wealth of illustrations and photographs give visual support to the evidence presented.

The book explores the view that people believe good-looking individuals p...(Read More)
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