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Governing New York State, Third Edition
Governing New York State, Third Edition (January 1994)
Jeffrey M. Stonecash - Editor
John Kenneth White - Editor
Peter W. Colby - Editor

"What I like most about this book is the way it compares to the existing literature on New York politics. It stands, in my opinion, as the best single source of information on New York politics and government currently available."--Edward Schneier, City College of New York

This new edition of Governing New York State (formerly New York State Today) provides the latest on New York State politics, government, and public pol...(Read More)
A Decade of Deficits
A Decade of Deficits (July 1992)
Congressional Thought and Fiscal Action
Steven E. Schier - Author

Since 1980, the national agenda and the attention of Congress have been focused on federal budget deficits. This is the first book, however, to examine how lawmakers think about fiscal problems and to emphasize individual legislators' economic beliefs. Based on interviews with 110 members of Congress, the book includes an assessment of Congress's capacity to make sound fiscal policy in the future.

"This book gets inside Congress as few have...(Read More)
Politics and Public Policy in Hawai'i
Politics and Public Policy in Hawai'i (July 1992)
Zachary A. Smith - Editor
Richard Pratt - Editor

Hawai'i is of special interest as a state because its history differs so greatly from that of the other United States and because its social and political institutions are unique. It is, for example, the only state that has no incorporated villages, towns, or cities, and it has the most centralized system of governance of any U. S. state.

This book addresses policy topics of importance to Hawai'i and other communities facing rapid growth, un...(Read More)
The Administrative Presidency Revisited
The Administrative Presidency Revisited (July 1992)
Public Lands, the BLM, and the Reagan Revolution
Robert F. Durant - Author

"One of the most substantial and penetrating empirical investigations yet made into the consequences of an aggressive administrative strategy for presidential leadership." -- American Political Science Review

"Robert Durant's new book is destined to become a classic. The product of years of painstaking research, The Administrative Presidency Revisited is brimming with findings, insights, and theoretical contributions that speak...(Read More)
Practical Government Budgeting
Practical Government Budgeting (November 1990)
A Workbook for Public Managers
Susan L. Riley - Author
Peter W. Colby - Author

"Easy to read. Well organized. Most important, it's geared to the practitioner-- especially those working in smaller-size governmental units or those students who want jobs in the public sector." -- Paul Green, Governors State University

This book provides descriptions, instructions, and exercises to help readers master government budgeting as it is actually practiced. University courses and training programs serving presen...(Read More)
After Divestiture
After Divestiture (July 1990)
The Political Economy of State Telecommunications Regulation
Paul Teske - Author

This book analyzes the politics of state regulatory decision-making in telecommunications after the AT&T divestiture in 1984. The author takes a political-economy approach that explains how interest groups and institutional factors have shaped different state policies. He shows that the structure and composition of state regulatory institutions have important effects on pricing and competition in the telecommunications industry.

The in...(Read More)
Frederick Taylor and the Public Administration Community
Frederick Taylor and the Public Administration Community (October 1989)
A Reevaluation
Hindy L. Schachter - Author

This book argues that the "authoritarian" depiction of Frederick Taylor trivializes his important contribution. Schachter's analysis of Taylor's work shows that he actually originated many of the human relations insights that the literature attributes to Mayo, Maslow, and McGregor.

Introduced are two major arguments. Through an examination of Taylor's work, a new way of understanding his actual approach to management is opened. Also discus...(Read More)
A Workbook in Redesigning Public Services
A Workbook in Redesigning Public Services (April 1989)
Leonard Ruchelman - Author

While citizens usually want more from government, they generally are included to pay less in taxes.When resources become scarce, as has been the case for most public jurisdictions, innovative methods must be developed for responding to service and cost pressures. How can this be done? A Workbook in Redesigning Public Services stresses a hands-on, how-to approach to diagnosing service delivery problems, analyzing alternative ways of delivering servic...(Read More)
Papers on the Ethics of Administration
Papers on the Ethics of Administration (September 1988)
'Abd al-Rahman al-Jami - Editor

The recent, well-published cases of unethical behavior on the part of top-level executives in business as well as in government have given impetus to an increasing national concern with organizational or administrative ethics. Indeed, ethics has become the crucial focus in the study of administration. As one of the contributors to this work states: American management has lost its soul. Corrupt and barbaric managerial practices reported in the p...(Read More)
The Political Economy of Regulation
The Political Economy of Regulation (August 1988)
The Case of Insurance
Kenneth J. Meier - Author

This is the first comprehensive study of the history, politics, and economics of the insurance industry in the United States. It is designed as a theoretical challenge to the conventional wisdom in political economy which says that regulation benefits the regulated. In fact, Meier shows that because the insurance industry is far too divided to impose its will on the regulatory system, the political economy of regulation is actually the product of ...(Read More)
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