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Educational Oases in the Desert
Educational Oases in the Desert (August 2017)
The Alliance Israelite Universelle's Girls' Schools in Ottoman Iraq, 1895-1915
Jonathan Sciarcon - Author

A history of the French schools that pioneered female education in Ottoman Iraq’s Jewish communities.

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Alliance Israélite Universelle (AIU), a Paris-based Jewish organization, founded dozens of primary schools throughout the Middle East. Many were the first formal educational institutions for local Jewish children. In addition to providing secular educat...(Read More)
Ottoman Medicine
Ottoman Medicine (December 2009)
Healing and Medical Institutions, 1500-1700
Miri Shefer-Mossensohn - Author

First work in English devoted to medicine in the Ottoman world.

The social history of medicine in the Ottoman Empire and the historic Middle East is told in rich detail for the first time in English. Accessible and engaging, Ottoman Medicine sheds light on the work and power of medical practitioners in the Ottoman world. The enduring significance and fascinating history of Ottoman medicine emerge through a co...(Read More)
Kurdish Notables and the Ottoman State
Kurdish Notables and the Ottoman State (February 2004)
Evolving Identities, Competing Loyalties, and Shifting Boundaries
Hakan Ozoglu - Author

Examines early Kurdish nationalism within the context of the demise of the Ottoman Empire.

Kurdish nationalism remains one of the most critical and explosive problems of the Middle East. Despite its importance, the topic remains on the margins of Middle East Studies. Bringing the study of Kurdish nationalism into the mainstream of Middle East scholarship, Hakan Üzoğlu examines the issue in the context of the...(Read More)
A Neighborhood in Ottoman Istanbul
A Neighborhood in Ottoman Istanbul (March 2003)
Fruit Vendors and Civil Servants in the Kasap Ilyas Mahalle
Cem Behar - Author

A detailed history of a small neighborhood community of Ottoman Istanbul.

Combining the vivid and colorful detail of a micro-history with a wider historical perspective, this groundbreaking study looks at the urban and social history of a small neighborhood community (a mahalle) of Ottoman Istanbul, the Kasap Iùlyas. Drawing on exceptionally rich historical documentation starting in the early sixteenth century, Ce...(Read More)
The Nature of the Early Ottoman State
The Nature of the Early Ottoman State (March 2003)
Heath W. Lowry - Author

A revisionist interpretation of the early origins of the Ottoman Empire.

Drawing on surviving documents from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, The Nature of the Early Ottoman State provides a revisionist approach to the study of the formative years of the Ottoman Empire. Challenging the predominant view that a desire to spread Islam accounted for Ottoman success during the fourteenth-century advance into ...(Read More)
Constructing Ottoman Beneficence
Constructing Ottoman Beneficence (May 2002)
An Imperial Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem
Amy Singer - Author

Presents the political, social, and cultural context behind Ottoman charity.

Ottoman charitable endowments (waqf) constituted an enduring monument to imperial beneficence and were important instruments of policy. One type of endowment, the public soup kitchen (imaret) served travelers, scholars, pious mystics, and local indigents alike. Constructing Ottoman Beneficence examines the politi...(Read More)
Merchants, Mamluks, and Murder
Merchants, Mamluks, and Murder (December 2000)
The Political Economy of Trade in Eighteenth-Century Basra
Thabit A. J. Abdullah - Author

A historiography of Ottoman Basra, a trade center in the eighteenth century.

Using the case of the murder of a Jewish merchant in 1791 as the backdrop to this study of Ottoman Basra's long-distance trade in the eighteenth century, Thabit A. J. Abdullah takes a novel comparative approach to Middle Eastern and Indian Ocean historiography. He examines three broad interrelated issues, all of which have a direct bearing on t...(Read More)
Mosul before Iraq
Mosul before Iraq (June 2000)
Like Bees Making Five-Sided Cells
Sarah D. Shields - Author

Using original source documents, this book portrays nineteenth-century Mosul--a large city currently in Iraq's "no-fly" zone.
Drawing upon original source documents, Mosul before Iraq paints a portrait of the region during the turbulent nineteenth century. What emerges is a picture of citizens less focused on Europe or Istanbul and more on centuries-old relationships among its economic and social spheres. By arguing that the region...(Read More)
Image and Imperialism in the Ottoman Revolutionary Press, 1908-1911
Image and Imperialism in the Ottoman Revolutionary Press, 1908-1911 (March 2000)
Palmira Brummett - Author

An illustrated work focusing on the ways in which satirical publications revealed evolution in Ottoman society.

Palmira Brummett provides a new vision, through the prism of 100 cartoons, of the confrontation between tradition and modernity, "Orient" and "Occident," and rhetoric and reality. Taking a unique period in modern Middle Eastern history, the Ottoman Constitutional Revolution of 1908, Brummett examines the Istanb...(Read More)
Consumption Studies and the History of the Ottoman Empire, 1550-1922
Consumption Studies and the History of the Ottoman Empire, 1550-1922 (December 1999)
An Introduction
Donald Quataert - Editor

An innovative application of consumption studies to the field of Ottoman history.

Tracing a host of important and exciting topics relating to consumption, this book describes and analyzes the rise of mass fashion dress, changing fashions in clothing, the transcultural significance of tulip consumption, the rise of print advertising, the use of food as a marker of elite status, and the emergence of photographs as a consumer commodity. T...(Read More)
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