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Modern Iran Dialectics
Modern Iran Dialectics (June 1981)
Michael E. Bonine - Author

From Saladin to the Mongols
From Saladin to the Mongols (June 1977)
The Ayyubids of Damascus, 1193-1260
R. Stephen Humphreys - Author

Upon the death of Saladin in 1193, his vast empire, stretching from the Yemen to the upper reaches of the Tigris, fell into the hands of his Ayyubid kinsmen. These latter parceled his domains into a number of autonomous principalities, though some common identity was maintained by linking these petty states into a loose confederation, in which each local prince owed allegiance to the senior member of the Ayyubid house. Such an arrangement was, of ...(Read More)
The Middle East
The Middle East (June 1976)
Quest for an American Policy
Willard A. Beling - Editor

In many respects this book represents a considerable departure from traditional works on international relations in the Middle East. Instead of offering partial explanations based on conventional approaches, this book attempts to incorporate studies with different methodological approaches and with the Middle East. Foreign affairs specialists offer balanced and linguistically neutral commentaries, while marshalling empirical data to support their an...(Read More)
The Lions of Marash
The Lions of Marash (June 1973)
Personal Experiences with American Near East Relief, 1919-1922
Stanley E. Kerr - Author

The Lions of Marash is an eye-witness account by an American Near East Relief official of the tragic events which resulted in the annihilation of the Armenian population of Marash, in Central Anatolia, following World War I.

On 10 February 1920, the French garrison at Marash withdrew abruptly under cover of darkness, thus abandoning more than twenty thousand Armenians to the Turkish Nationalist forces. The French pullout caused consid...(Read More)
The Middle East Supply Centre
The Middle East Supply Centre (June 1971)
Martin W. Wilmington - Author
Laurence Evans - Editor

During World War II, the United States and the United Kingdom cooperated in the successful operation of a regional organization which indisputably saved the Middle East for the Allied cause and which, if perpetuated, might have formed the basis for regional peace and stability. This was the Middle East Supply Centre, whose creation, evolution, responsibilities, and activities are described analytically in this volume.

It was an agency, says t...(Read More)
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