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Local Communities and the Israeli Polity
Local Communities and the Israeli Polity (November 1993)
Conflict of Values and Interests
Efraim Ben-Zadok - Editor

“With central governments fragmenting all over the world and ethnic groups competing for interests, the Israeli polity provides a dynamic illustration of social change. By refocusing the issues and arguing for 'spatial sectors' in future analysis, this book brings the best of geography, sociology, and political science to bear on the data.” — Henry Green, University of Miami

This book represents the...(Read More)
Politics and Policy Implementation
Politics and Policy Implementation (November 1993)
Project Renewal in Israel
Frederick A. Lazin - Author

This book analyzes how the political system influences domestic policy implementation in Israel. It shows how coalition politics, party dominated ministries, an independent and fragmented Jewish Agency, diaspora Jewish communities, powerful mayors, and ethnic considerations influenced the implementation of Begin's Project Renewal, a hybrid of the American War on Poverty, Urban Renewal, and Model Cities. It also reveals how Project Renewal initiate...(Read More)
Urban Unrest in the Middle East
Urban Unrest in the Middle East (August 1993)
A Comparative Study of Informal Networks in Egypt, Iran, and Lebanon
Guilain Denoeux - Author

This book offers a systematic examination of the politics of Middle Eastern cities in a broad historical and comparative context. Focusing on the contribution of informal networks, the author examines four types. He reveals that, contrary to recent claims, informal associations do not necessarily play a stabilizing role in urban politics, but reveal themselves to be effective instruments for mobilizing popular dissent.

Denoeux identifies c...(Read More)
The United States and the Middle East
The United States and the Middle East (November 1992)
A Search for New Perspectives
Hooshang Amirahmadi - Editor

This book advances a critical analysis of U. S. Middle East policy and offers alternative perspectives. It highlights areas of policy shortcomings in the wake of ongoing global and domestic changes and draws attention to the need for a new and more plausible U. S. policy.

The United States and the Middle East evaluates the roots and consequences of post-World War II diplomatic and military initiatives, including ...(Read More)
Dynamics of the Iranian Revolution
Dynamics of the Iranian Revolution (October 1991)
The Pahlavis' Triumph and Tragedy
Jahangir Amuzegar - Author

Going back to the turn of the century, this book offers a cogent analysis and an objective assessment of the origins and dimensions of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. It reassesses the narrowly focused post-revolution explanations, as it traces the fate of the Pahlavi dynasty to deep-rooted and structural weaknesses and contradictions in Iranian society, economy, and politics.

This critical examination leaves the reader with a ...(Read More)
Continuity and Change in Medieval Persia
Continuity and Change in Medieval Persia (January 1988)
A.K.S. Lambton - Editor

Continuity and often violent change in medieval Persia are revealed in this detailed study of aspects of Persian history during three turbulent centuries (1040–1335 A.D.). An extensive introduction provides the chronological framework for this examination of the vital areas of administrative, economic, and social history.

This book is a major contribution from the pen of a scholar whose knowledge of ...(Read More)
Iran (November 1985)
A Revolution in Turmoil
Haleh Afshar - Editor

The first book about the Iranian revolution written entirely by Iranians.

Iran: A Revolution in Turmoil is the first book about the Iranian revolution written entirely by Iranians. Insightful and authoritative, this collection brings together the viewpoints of academics and civil servants as they discuss the political, social, and economic causes of the Iranian revolution and the subsequent successes and...(Read More)
Elusive Peace in the Middle East
Elusive Peace in the Middle East (June 1975)
Malcolm H. Kerr - Editor

“This study is a ‘must’ for all students of the Middle Eastern area if they are to obtain a feel for the problems involved in a settlement. Despite over a score of years’ involvement with the Middle East this work gave me a better grasp of the overall situation.” — Gordon H. Terry, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, The Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies, in The Middle East Journal...(Read More)
Patterns of Political Leadership
Patterns of Political Leadership (June 1975)
Egypt, Israel, Lebanon
R. Hrair Dekmejian - Author

Patterns of Political Leadership is a study of political leaders in one of the world's most volatile areas--the Middle East. It focuses on the highest levels of political leadership in three countries--Egypt, Israel and Lebanon. Within a cross-national framework the three elite groups are analyzed both aggregately and over time, in terms of recruitment, circulation, social background, and behavioral characteristics. Theoretical and method...(Read More)
The Law of the Near and Middle East
The Law of the Near and Middle East (June 1975)
Readings, Cases, and Materials
Herbert J. Liebesny - Author

A systematic survey of fundamental statements of Islamic and Near Easter law that includes selections from the writings of classic Islamic scholars, contemporary works on legal theory, and modern Middle Eastern codes. No other accessible work brings together so many useful materials on the development of Islamic law, as does this volume based on translations from a variety of languages and numerous sources, all of which are identified. Becau...(Read More)
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