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Countdown to Statehood
Countdown to Statehood (July 1998)
Palestinian State Formation in the West Bank and Gaza
Hillel Frisch - Author

A study of Palestinian state formation in comparison to Zionist experiences.

Countdown to Statehood, based on Arabic, English, and Hebrew language sources, analyzes the form that the Palestinian state is likely to take. The book looks at past institution-building patterns in the West Bank and Gaza, the relationship between the PLO and the local Palestinians, and the nature of the conflict with Israel from 1967 th...(Read More)
The Decline of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
The Decline of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (December 1997)
Middle East Politics and the Quest for Regional Order
Avraham Sela - Author

Addresses the inter-Arab dimension of Middle East politics and its impact on the Palestinian conflict.

This historical study of international Middle East politics in regional perspective presents a comprehensive analysis of the interplay between inter-Arab politics and the conflict with Israel--the two key issues which have shaped the Middle East contemporary history (and made it simultaneously tumultuous and a focus of ...(Read More)
The Middle East Peace Process
The Middle East Peace Process (November 1997)
Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Ilan Peleg - Editor

A comprehensive, interdisciplinary look at the history of and complex issues surrounding the peace process in the Middle East.

This volume offers a series of focused analyses of various aspects of the peace process. This interdisciplinary book includes insights developed by scholars in such diverse disciplines as anthropology, economics, history, law, political science, social psychology, and international relations. Al...(Read More)
Daughters of Palestine
Daughters of Palestine (February 1996)
Leading Women of the Palestinian National Movement
Amal Kawar - Author

Based on interviews with 35 women leaders, this is the first study of women's involvement in the Palestinian National Movement from the revolution in the mid-1960s to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process in the 1990s.

"This is a fine and useful book that will appeal to a wide group of readers. Its time has come, with the high visibility of Palestinian women leaders at present, such as Hanan Ashrawi. We learn much abou...(Read More)
Israel in Comparative Perspective
Israel in Comparative Perspective (February 1996)
Challenging the Conventional Wisdom
Michael N. Barnett - Editor

Challenges the social-science image of Israel as a historical peculiarity by situating Israel's history in comparative context; by building bridges between Israel and other Middle Eastern states; and by using the Israeli case to reconsider existing social science theories and correct common misperceptions about the comparative method.

"This excellent analysis draws on social science theory that properly puts Israel in a ...(Read More)
Regional Security Regimes
Regional Security Regimes (March 1995)
Israel and Its Neighbors
Efraim Inbar - Editor

This book shows that as Israel is gradually being accepted by the Arab world, pure security considerations are becoming more important in the Arab-Israeli relationship, and "security regimes" between Israel and neighboring countries can foster moderation and cooperation.

"Regional Security Regimes outlines Israel's current security problems clearly and cogently, and the book can be used in classes in Middle East p...(Read More)
Western Dominance and Political Islam
Western Dominance and Political Islam (December 1994)
Challenge and Response
Khalid Bin Sayeed - Author

Sayeed explores the kinds of resistance Western hegemony has provoked in the Middle East and shows that, although Islamic fundamentalism cannot provide a viable alternative to Western political, cultural, and economic systems, some of the major Islamic ideas can do so.

"The book is a tour de force of reasoned as well as passionate arguments, with keen substantive insights and flashes of brilliance. It is an intellectua...(Read More)
Critical Essays on Israeli Social Issues and Scholarship
Critical Essays on Israeli Social Issues and Scholarship (July 1994)
Books on Israel, Volume III
Russell Stone - Editor
Walter P. Zenner - Editor

"The interdisciplinary nature of this book gives both breadth and depth to Israeli social issues and scholarship. The topics addressed are quite significant and central to local processes as well as global issues." --J. Black, Metropolitan State University

Critical Essays on Israeli Social Issues and Scholarship is part of a series of review volumes sponsored by the Association for Israel Studies and published by SUNY Press that provid...(Read More)
The Making of Modern Libya
The Making of Modern Libya (March 1994)
State Formation, Colonization, and Resistance, 1830-1932
Ali Abdullatif Ahmida - Author

"The question of civil society in the Islamic world and the relationship of state to society in the pre-colonial era is coming to be a central concern in the field. I think this book targets very well many concerns both in English-language and Arabic-language historiography about what we know of the 'pre-modern' or at least pre-colonial world. This book has an important contribution to make to contemporary academic and political discourse." -- E...(Read More)
The Political Economy of Israel
The Political Economy of Israel (December 1993)
From Ideology to Stagnation
Yakir Plessner - Author

"The book tells an interesting story about the workings of the Israeli economy. The author presents and interprets a rich array of historical material. At the same time, he shows a solid knowledge of economic theory as well as economic practice. Unlike other books about Israel, this volume captures the interplay between social, economic, and historical factors that permit one to have a broad understanding of Israel's economy." -- Robert Lerman, The ...(Read More)
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