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Popular Culture, Educational Discourse, and Mathematics
Popular Culture, Educational Discourse, and Mathematics (April 1995)
Peter M. Appelbaum - Author

"The book deals with important and far-reaching issues in a way that is original, stimulating, and very accessible; it succeeds in linking widely divergent fields of study--math education and cultural studies--in a way that provokes fresh questions and rethinking of received ideas. A considerable strength of this book is that it's a lively, engaging work, at once playful and serious. While it is theoretically sophisticated, it is not freighted with ...(Read More)
Reform in School Mathematics and Authentic Assessment
Reform in School Mathematics and Authentic Assessment (March 1995)
Thomas A. Romberg - Editor

"This book addresses a key issue in mathematics education today. The perspective from which this text is written is one that is needed as a response to the occurring reform in mathematics education and the movement to understand learning and doing mathematics as social construction. How to align this newer conceptualization with testing procedures is an issue that is often raised in the circles in which I am active. I especially like the emphasis on...(Read More)
In Measure, Number, and Weight
In Measure, Number, and Weight (September 1994)
Studies in Mathematics and Culture
Jens Hoyrup - Author

"Jens Hoyrup deals forthrightly with the most important question now facing historians of science: what is the relation between ideas and socioeconomic life? His conclusions are persuasive and stimulating. They go a long way to refuting the currently fashionable relativist view that science has been nothing but a collection of prejudices, conventions, and practical compromises. In this book one finds a welcome social history of science composed ...(Read More)
The Development of Multiplicative Reasoning in the Learning of Mathematics
The Development of Multiplicative Reasoning in the Learning of Mathematics (June 1994)
Guershon Harel - Editor
Jere Confrey - Editor

“An excellent state-of-the-art sourcebook.” — Anna O. Graeber, University of Maryland, College Park
Two of the most important concepts children develop progressively throughout their mathematics education years are additivity and multiplicativity. Additivity is associated with situations that involve adding, joining, affixing, subtracting, separating and removing. Multiplicativity is associated with situations that involve duplicating, shrinkin...(Read More)
Math Worlds
Math Worlds (April 1993)
Philosophical and Social Studies of Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Sal Restivo - Editor
Jean Paul Van Bendegem - Editor
Roland Fischer - Editor

"Philosophy of mathematics has become a major area of interest for philosophers and historians of ideas in the last few years; and the swing has been toward examining the social context and processes involved in mathematics rather than taking it as a transcendent body of truths. This book is very up to date in this respect. It will prove to be the cutting-edge statement on the sociological approach to mathematics on both philosophical and theoreti...(Read More)
Integrating Research on Teaching and Learning Mathematics
Integrating Research on Teaching and Learning Mathematics (August 1991)
Elizabeth Fennema - Editor
Thomas P. Carpenter - Editor
Susan J. Lamon - Editor

During the last decade there were significant advances in the study of students' learning and problem solving in mathematics, and in the study of classroom instruction. Because these two research programs usually have been conducted individually, it is generally agreed now that there is an increasing need for an integrated research program. This book represents initial discussions and development of a unified paradigm for studying teaching in math...(Read More)
Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis
Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis (April 1988)
A Perspective on Exploratory Factor Analysis
Allen Yates - Author

In an exciting return to the roots of factor analysis, Allen Yates reviews its early history to clarify original objectives created by its discoverers and early developers. He then shows how computers can be used to accomplish the goals established by these early visionaries, while taking into account modern developments in the field of statistics that legitimize exploratory data analysis as a technique of discovery.

The book presents a uniqu...(Read More)
Order and Organism
Order and Organism (June 1985)
Steps Toward a Whiteheadian Philosophy of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences
Murray Code - Author

What is now needed is a way of thinking about the physical that is realistic in outlook but which departs radically from the mechanistic post-Galilean tradition. Since it seems clear that we can no longer take for granted the certainty and absolute objectivity of scientific knowledge, any alternative view must be able to do full justice to subjective modes of knowing.

Order and Organism shows how Alfred North W...(Read More)
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