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Disciplining English
Disciplining English (July 2002)
Alternative Histories, Critical Perspectives
David R. Shumway - Editor
Craig Dionne - Editor

Offers historical and present-day perspectives on what English departments do, and how and why they do it.

These provocative essays explore the unwritten, often unacknowledged codes, conventions, and ideologies overseeing the evolution and current practice of English as a “discipline.” The first section of the book offers historical perspectives: how “composition” becamedistinguished from “literature,” how key intellectu...(Read More)
Reading Seminar XX
Reading Seminar XX (July 2002)
Lacan's Major Work on Love, Knowledge, and Feminine Sexuality
Suzanne Barnard - Editor
Bruce Fink - Editor

Examines Lacan's key seminar on sexual difference, knowledge, desire, and love.

This collection offers the first sustained, in-depth commentary on Seminar XX, Encore, considered the cornerstone of Lacan's work on the themes of sexual difference, knowledge, jouissance, and love. Although Seminar XX was originally popularized as Lacan's treatise on feminine sexuality, these essays, by some of today...(Read More)
Waste-Site Stories
Waste-Site Stories (April 2002)
The Recycling of Memory
Brian Neville - Editor
Johanne Villeneuve - Editor

Explorations in the aesthetics of waste and the material infrastructure of memory.
Ours is a wasteful society, consumed with care for its remains, according to the contributors of Waste-Site Stories. Here scholars from around the world probe current notions of waste and the ways in which remains of different kinds recover value in the act of recollection and recycling. In the wake of destructive ex...(Read More)
The Institution of Literature
The Institution of Literature (December 2001)
Jeffrey J. Williams - Editor

Leading voices in literary and cultural studies examine the study of literature at the college level, including the fate of theory, the rise of cultural studies, the academic “star” system, and the difficult job market.

In response to the classic question “What is literature?” we usually look to the novels, poems, and plays on our shelves. The Institution of Literature turns this question ar...(Read More)
Eating Their Words
Eating Their Words (September 2001)
Cannibalism and the Boundaries of Cultural Identity
Kristen Guest - Editor
Maggie Kilgour - Foreword by

Examines the figure of the cannibal as it relates to cultural identity in a wide range of literary and cultural texts.

Linking cannibalism to issues of difference crucial to contemporary literary criticism and theory, the essays included here cover material from a variety of contexts and historical periods and approach their subjects from a range of critical perspectives. Along with such canonical works as The Odyssey...(Read More)
Going beyond the Pairs
Going beyond the Pairs (June 2001)
The Coincidence of Opposites in German Romanticism, Zen, and Deconstruction
Dennis McCort - Author

Argues that German Romanticism, Zen Buddhism, and deconstruction, for all their cultural differences, are three expressions of a universal vision.

In Going beyond the Pairs, Dennis McCort examines the theme of the coincidentia oppositorum--the tendency of a thing or relationship to turn, under certain conditions, into its own opposite--as it is expressed in German Romanticism, Zen Buddhism, and deconstruc...(Read More)
Posts and Pasts
Posts and Pasts (May 2001)
A Theory of Postcolonialism
Alfred J. Lopez - Author

Deconstructs the field of postcolonial studies.

In Posts and Pasts: A Theory of Postcolonialism, Alfred J. Lopez argues for a formulation of postcolonial studies which diverges in three significant ways from current academic and institutional practices: 1) the postcolonial as diasporic, constituted by a series of dispersed and irregular criticisms not at all containable within a single set of parameters, w...(Read More)
After Ontology
After Ontology (April 2001)
Literary Theory and Modernist Poetics
William D. Melaney - Author

Offers a reconsideration of modernism in both philosophy and literature.

After Ontology identifies the uniquely postmodern elements in hermeneutics and deconstruction in order to re-read many of the central texts in modernist literature. In a comparative study that illuminates points of contact between the philosophical positions of Gadamer and Derrida, William D. Melaney discusses Heidegger's influence on both ...(Read More)
Textual Traffic
Textual Traffic (April 2001)
Colonialism, Modernity, and the Economy of the Text
S. Shankar - Author

Examines travel narratives as a genre.

In Textual Traffic, S. Shankar clarifies notions of modernity and postmodernity by lucidly examining their relationship to colonialism. In the process, he challenges current emphases in cultural criticism through an exploration of what it means to regard the text as an economy and carries out a detailed scrutiny of travel narratives as a genre.

Paying particular...(Read More)
New Perspectives on Narrative Perspective
New Perspectives on Narrative Perspective (March 2001)
Willie van Peer - Editor
Seymour Chatman - Editor

Offers an interdisciplinary approach to narrative perspective, with essays by leading scholars of literary studies, cognitive psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and film and media criticism.

Narrative perspective is the faculty through which humans understand, structure, and explore the world that confronts them. This is the first volume to bring together the theoretical study of perspective with the rigor of experimental studies, co...(Read More)
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