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Republic of Readers?
Republic of Readers? (April 2007)
The Literary Turn in Political Thought and Analysis
Simon Stow - Author

2007 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

Defends political philosophy and social science against the rival claims of literature and literary criticism.

What is the proper role for literature in political thought and analysis? Can reading novels make us better citizens of a liberal democratic society? What is the status of argument and reason in an academy dominated by readings and redescri...(Read More)
A Voice from Elsewhere
A Voice from Elsewhere (March 2007)
Maurice Blanchot - Author
Charlotte Mandell - Translator

Reflections on the enigma and secret of “literature.”

A Voice from Elsewhere represents one of Maurice Blanchot’s most important reflections on the enigma and secret of “literature.” The essays here bear down on the necessity and impossibility of witnessing what literature transmits, and—like Beckett and Kafka—on what one might call the “default” of languag...(Read More)
Beyond Lacan
Beyond Lacan (October 2006)
James M. Mellard - Author

Traces the development of Lacanian theory, and its possible future.

In Beyond Lacan, James M. Mellard traces psychoanalytic literary theory and practice from Freud to Lacan to Zizek. While Freud effectively presupposes an unconscious that is textual, it is Lacan whose theory all but articulates a textual unconscious as he offers the epoch a cutting-edge psychoanalytic ideology. Mellard considers this and then...(Read More)
The World of Perversion
The World of Perversion (July 2006)
Psychoanalysis and the Impossible Absolute of Desire
James Penney - Author

An original critique of queer theory, from a psychoanalytic perspective.

In The World of Perversion,
James Penney argues that antihomophobic criticism has nothing to lose—and indeed everything to gain—by reclaiming the psychoanalytic concept of perversion as psychic structure. Analyzing the antagonism between psychoanalytic approaches to perversion and those inspired by the work of Michel Foucault, Penney e...(Read More)
Performing Marx
Performing Marx (January 2006)
Contemporary Negotiations of a Living Tradition
Bradley J. Macdonald - Author

Draws upon Marx, Western Marxism, and poststructuralist theory to constructively engage contemporary issues.

Performing Marx looks at what it means to be a Marxist dealing with contemporary political and theoretical developments in the twenty-first century. Drawing upon Marx’s work, Western Marxism, and poststructuralist theory, Bradley J. Macdonald explores how a living tradition of Marx’s ideas ...(Read More)
Language and Politics in Julia Kristeva
Language and Politics in Julia Kristeva (January 2006)
Literature, Art, Therapy
Carol Mastrangelo Bové - Author

Explores the political implications of Kristeva’s theoretical and fictional writings.

In Language and Politics in Julia Kristeva, Carol Mastrangelo Bové explores how Kristeva’s theoretical and fictional writings contribute to an understanding of contemporary personal and international conflicts. In addition to examining Kristeva’s turn to Eastern models—both ...(Read More)
On Jameson
On Jameson (December 2005)
From Postmodernism to Globalization
Caren Irr - Editor
Ian Buchanan - Editor

Offers an interrogation of Jameson's critical legacy.

One of the leading figures in the debate over postmodernism in the 1980s and 1990s, Fredric Jameson is regarded as the most important Marxist theoretician and cultural critic writing in America today. Although Jameson's significance as a global intellectual has been widely recognized for some time, none of the literature covers the full range of his work. This timely ...(Read More)
Acting Beautifully
Acting Beautifully (November 2005)
Henry James and the Ethical Aesthetic
Sigi Jottkandt - Author

Addresses ethical and aesthetic issues in three major works by Henry James.

What is the matter with the women in Henry James? In The Portrait of a Lady, The Wings of the Dove, and his short story “The Altar of the Dead,” one woman returns to a monster of a husband, another dies rather than confront the truth of her lover’s engagement, while yet another stakes her all on having a ca...(Read More)
Romantic Poetry and the Fragmentary Imperative
Romantic Poetry and the Fragmentary Imperative (November 2005)
Schlegel, Byron, Joyce, Blanchot
Christopher A. Strathman - Author

Uses the concept of the poetic fragment to draw connections between romantic poetry and modern literature and literary theory.

Romantic Poetry and the Fragmentary Imperative
locates Byron (and, to a lesser extent, Joyce) within a genealogy of romantic poetry understood not so much as imaginative self-expression or ideological case study but rather as what the German romantics call "romantische poesie"&...(Read More)
The Contradictions of Freedom
The Contradictions of Freedom (October 2005)
Philosophical Essays on Simone de Beauvoir's The Mandarins
Sally J. Scholz - Editor
Shannon M. Mussett - Editor

The essential companion to Simone de Beauvoir's celebrated novel.

This unique collection examines the various contradictions of freedom in Simone de Beauvoir's The Mandarins, the tumultuous epic about the personal and political lives of post–World War II French intellectuals. Fifty years after its publication, Beauvoir's book transcends the narrow confines of time and place to speak powerfully to audiences to...(Read More)
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