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Engagement and Indifference
Engagement and Indifference (November 2000)
Beckett and the Political
Henry Sussman - Editor
Christopher Devenney - Editor

Explores the hidden political and ethical dimensions of the work of Samuel Beckett, an author who might otherwise be considered indifferent to such considerations.

In this book, creative writers and critical theorists consider the work of Samuel Beckett from theoretical, postmodern, aesthetic, poetic, and feminist perspectives. Collectively, they search for the hidden political and ethical dimensions of Beckett, an auth...(Read More)
Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Chaos (November 2000)
Chaos Theory and Metachaotics in Recent American Fiction
Gordon E. Slethaug - Author

Explores the way chaos theory is incorporated in the work of such writers as Toni Morrison, Thomas Pynchon, John Barth, Don DeLillo, and Michael Crichton.

Beautiful Chaos is the first book to examine contemporary American fiction through the lens of chaos theory. The book focuses on recent works of fiction by John Barth, Michael Crichton, Don DeLillo, Michael Dorris, Cormac McCarthy, Toni Morrison, Thomas Pynchon, Carol Shields...(Read More)
Changing Religious Worlds
Changing Religious Worlds (November 2000)
The Meaning and End of Mircea Eliade
Bryan Rennie - Editor

Assesses Mircea Eliade's contribution to the contemporary understanding of religion and the academic study of religion.

Changing Religious Worlds measures the nature and significance of Mircea Eliade's contribution to the understanding and academic study of religion in North America today. It includes the perspectives of the continent's leading experts on Eliade and his thought, both critical and supportive. It also includes pre...(Read More)
The Success and Failure of Fredric Jameson
The Success and Failure of Fredric Jameson (November 2000)
Writing, the Sublime, and the Dialectic of Critique
Steven Helmling - Author

A critical overview of the work of Fredric Jameson, with an emphasis on his notoriously difficult writing style.

This is the first book to provide a critical overview of the work and career, as a whole, of the Marxist culture-critic Fredric Jameson, foremost among American intellectuals and a vanguard figure in the "theory movement" of the past three decades. Steven Helmling identifies major themes and traces both continuity and chang...(Read More)
Chronicles of Disorder
Chronicles of Disorder (September 2000)
Samuel Beckett and the Cultural Politics of the Modern Novel
David Weisberg - Author

Offers a striking new interpretation of Beckett's major fiction, demonstrating how his development as a writer was shaped by shifting twentieth-century ideas about the social function of literature.

Offering a striking new interpretation of Beckett's major fiction, Chronicles of Disorder demonstrates how Beckett's career as a writer developed in relation to the most enduring twentieth-century beliefs about the social function of...(Read More)
Day Late, Dollar Short
Day Late, Dollar Short (August 2000)
The Next Generation and the New Academy
Peter C. Herman - Editor

Explores how shifts in the job market and changes in university culture and administration have influenced the "post-theory" generation of literary critics.

This book explores how recent changes in university culture and administration have affected and will continue to affect the "next generation" of literary critics. How have these recent shifts in material conditions inflected the criticism, sense of the profession, and modes of sch...(Read More)
Traveling through the Boondocks
Traveling through the Boondocks (August 2000)
In and Out of Academic Hierarchy
Terry Caesar - Author

Wry and honest essays on the everyday conditions of professional life at a "second-rate" university, with implications for our understanding of higher education in general.

What is it like to be a faculty member at a university in the United States that enjoys no reputation or distinction? Traveling through the Boondocks discusses this situation not from the top down but from the bottom up, where the experience of exclusion rang...(Read More)
Reading on the Edge
Reading on the Edge (June 2000)
Exiles, Modernities, and Cultural Transformation in Proust, Joyce, and Baldwin
Cyraina E. Johnson-Roullier - Author

Examines the notion of exile and hybrid cultural identity in Proust, Joyce, and Baldwin, with implications for our understanding of modernism and the modernist canon.

Reading on the Edge explores the notion of multiple cultural identity and exile in the work of Marcel Proust, James Joyce, and James Baldwin. Focusing on the cultural politics of modernism through the prism of cultural theory, the book reconceiv...(Read More)
Colonialism and Cultural Identity
Colonialism and Cultural Identity (February 2000)
Crises of Tradition in the Anglophone Literatures of India, Africa, and the Caribbean
Patrick Colm Hogan - Author

Explores diverse cultural identities, both theoretically and through concrete, specific interpretations of selected major texts from former British colonies.
This book examines the diverse responses of colonized people to metropolitan ideas and to indigenous traditions. Going beyond the standard isolation of mimeticism and hybridity--and criticizing Homi Bhabha's influential treatment of the former--Hogan offers a lucid, usable theoretica...(Read More)
Narralogues (January 2000)
Truth in Fiction
Ronald Sukenick - Author

These "narralogues" combine story and argument, moving from Socratic dialogue to outright narrative, and ultimately making the case that fiction is a medium for telling the truth.

In Narralogues, Ronald Sukenick continues his important and original contributions to the cutting edge of contemporary fiction. Here he proposes fiction as a medium for telling the truth, while recognizing that the implicit contradiction in these terms...(Read More)
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