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Theoretical Perspectives on Native American Languages
Theoretical Perspectives on Native American Languages (June 1989)
Donna B. Gerdts - Editor
Karin Michelson - Editor

"This book represents an emerging area, research in which will provide important new insights into both the languages under study and the theories involved. It is a very timely book, and a good one. All linguists working on Amerindian languages should buy it, and I suspect many theoreticians will as well." -- Elizabeth A. Cowper, University of Toronto

American linguistics has a tradition of finding unique and important insights from...(Read More)
Informal Lectures on Formal Semantics
Informal Lectures on Formal Semantics (May 1989)
Emmon Bach - Author

"Books like this do not come along often. A true authority in this field has taken the time to write a non-technical introduction. No introduction of this kind is likely to be written by anyone else." -- David Dowty, Ohio State University

This book is an introduction to the current developments in model-theoretic semantics, which has become an essential part of the work in theoretical linguistics over the last decade. The author examines t...(Read More)
The Science of Linguistics in the Art of Translation
The Science of Linguistics in the Art of Translation (July 1988)
Some Tools from Linguistics for the Analysis and Practice of Translation
Joseph L. Malone - Author

"It provides a precise, concise, and comprehensive linguistic description and analysis of what a good translator does in the act of translation. Like good criticism, this book makes one aware of the seemingly mystifying things that go on in translating from one language to another. The concepts are basic to linguistics and the examples are well chosen." -- Edward L. Greenstein, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Drawing from more than t...(Read More)
Dependency Syntax
Dependency Syntax (January 1988)
Theory and Practice
Igor Mel'cuk - Author

This work presents the first sustained examination of Dependency Syntax. In clear and stimulating analyses Mel'cuk promotes syntactic description in terms of dependency rather than in terms of more familiar phrase-structure. The notions of dependency relations and dependency structure are introduced and substantiated, and the advantages of dependency representation are demonstrated by applying it to a number of popular linguistic problems, e.g. gr...(Read More)
An Integrated Theory of Autosegmental Processes
An Integrated Theory of Autosegmental Processes (September 1987)
Rochelle Lieber - Author

This volume resolves an inconsistency that has arisen in the autosegmental theory of phonology and morphology -- some versions of this theory allow a single distinctive feature to be duplicated on more than one tier, and others do not. In this book the author affirms that duplication of features should be allowed, but should not be restricted, by a device called the Duplicate Features Filter. She proposes a number of other revisions to current aut...(Read More)
Ablaut and Ambiguity
Ablaut and Ambiguity (September 1987)
Phonology of a Moroccan Arabic Dialect
Jeffrey Heath - Author

This volume thoroughly analyzes the phonology of a representative dialect of Moroccan Arabic (MA). This dialect is phonologically interesting because of the existence of numerous productive patterns of derivational ablaut, several types of play speech transformation, and various problems in representation of stems and formalization of rules due to the progressive reduction or disappearance of older short vowels.

In examing ablaut, Heath forma...(Read More)
An Introduction to Japanese Phonology
An Introduction to Japanese Phonology (December 1986)
Timothy J. Vance - Author

This is the first book to provide comprehensive coverage of the modern Japanese sound system. It also serves as a useful reference on the structure of Japanese, since it presupposes only a basic background in linguistics. Among the topics discussed are the articulatory setting, phonemicization, vowel devoicing, syllables and moras, accent, the velar nasal, sequential voicing, other morphophonemic alternations, and verb morphology. The treatment ...(Read More)
Studies of Passive Clauses
Studies of Passive Clauses (November 1985)
Paul M. Postal - Author

In this work, Paul M. Postal supports the universalist theory of language by examining passive clauses. Contrary to a skeptical tradition, Postal argues that passive clauses are cross-linguistically identifiable and characterizable. This study proposes refinements of the analysis of the natural language grammatical category Passive Clause. These refinements include an account of the notion 'dummy nominal,' central to the analysis of impersonal passi...(Read More)
Using Language
Using Language (June 1985)
The Structures of Speech Acts
John T. Kearns - Author

In a pioneer study of how language is actually used, Dr. Kearns combines the rigor of formal logic with a detailed analysis of natural language patterns. Through this double focus, he develops artificial languages that are syntactically more similar to the spoken word than first-order language itself. Numerous diagrams illustrate the evolution of these artificial languages, which represent a significant contribution to both the fields of linguisti...(Read More)
Language and the Sexes
Language and the Sexes (June 1983)
Francine Frank - Author
Frank Anshen - Author

In a highly readable and lively text, the authors explore the way language mirrors our cultural assumptions, especially those concerned with gender distinctions. Focusing on contemporary issues, they draw on their knowledge of sociolinguistics and other languages to illustrate how sexism may be hidden by habits of language. In making the reader aware of these, they suggest options for change.

Language and the Sexes synthesizes a wid...(Read More)
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