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Conversations with Educational Leaders
Conversations with Educational Leaders (March 1997)
Contemporary Viewpoints on Education in America
Anne Turnbaugh Lockwood - Author

Educational leaders speak out in their own words--stimulating, accessible, provocative--on contemporary and controversial topics that range from differing attitudes on diversity to the debate over character education to arguments about education reform.

Award-winning writer Anne Turnbaugh Lockwood interviews nationally-known leaders in a new genre of conversations about key issues in education that inform the contempora...(Read More)
Professionals against Populism
Professionals against Populism (August 1995)
The Peres Government and Democracy
Michael Keren - Author

Based on Shimon Peres's private papers, investigates the role of professionals--attorneys, strategic experts, and economists--in Israel's national unity government of 1984-1986 and assesses their impact on government policy.
"The topic of this book is significant to a wide variety of fields, from political sociology and culture to law, government, and the history of ideas. There are a number of books on the role of intellectuals in govern...(Read More)
A Circle of Empowerment
A Circle of Empowerment (July 1995)
Women, Education, and Leadership
Rita L. Irwin - Author

This book presents a feminist perspective on educational leadership, and demonstrates that women conceptualize leadership differently than men.
"Irwin offers an excellent portrayal of a school district's instructional supervisory responsibility. The topic is significant on two bases: women's issues and school administration. It is important in itself because of the methodology employed in the study, but is also important for educational ...(Read More)
Effective School District Leadership
Effective School District Leadership (February 1995)
Transforming Politics into Education
Kenneth Leithwood - Editor

This book reports the results of a series of studies of effective school district leadership.

School districts in both Canada and the United States provide the sites for this research. Many of these districts were in the midst of reform or restructuring initiatives and these initiatives became an important context within which to understand the work of district leaders. The authors describe how effective superintendents work ...(Read More)
Expert Problem Solving
Expert Problem Solving (December 1994)
Evidence from School and District Leaders
Kenneth Leithwood - Author
Rosanne Steinbach - Author

This book presents a series of related empirical studies about the thinking and problem solving processes of expert educational leaders. It describes the nature of expert thinking and provides substantial explanations for the cognitive processes associated with expert thinking. Differences in the thinking and problem solving of male and female; novice and experienced; elementary, secondary, district administrators are all explored. In addition, t...(Read More)
Women Leading In Education
Women Leading In Education (November 1994)
Diane M. Dunlap - Editor
Patricia A. Schmuck - Editor

"This book is a remarkable and much needed volume that documents and celebrates women's experiences in educational leadership. The volume is much more than a collection of women's voices: it is a wonderful chorus. The voices are consistently clear, caring, illuminating, and feminist. Men and women who read this will have a better understanding of women's experiences of leading in education and an increased appreciation for those experiences. Further...(Read More)
Ethical and Social Issues in Professional Education
Ethical and Social Issues in Professional Education (July 1994)
Celeste M. Brody - Editor
James Wallace - Editor

“This book shares personal insight into the development of a professional education program based on the liberal arts. It doesn’t attempt to gloss over the difficulties which are faced in the process or the future challenges which are foreseen. The authors have succeeded in whetting the appetites of those of us who long to see graduate level professional education focus less on the mechanics of practice and more on the ethics of living a...(Read More)
Innovative Leaders in International Politics
Innovative Leaders in International Politics (September 1993)
Gabriel Sheffer - Editor

"It's a joy to read and will fascinate any student of political leadership. The book is so well written and substantively so interesting that I think it would appeal to incumbent and aspiring political leaders as well as scholars and students in various disciplines. There are three things I like the most: it focuses on the heart of political leadership studies--the capacity for innovation; it contains informative, well-written (sometimes even ele...(Read More)
Governing By Committee
Governing By Committee (May 1989)
Collegial Leadership in Advanced Societies
Thomas A. Baylis - Author

Governing by Committee is the first book-length study to examine decision-making among political executives. It examines sixteen advanced Western and Communist states and shows that collegial and semi-collegial patterns are far more common than is generally assumed.

Contrary to the assertions of Max Weber, Baylis contends that modern bureaucracy, with its growing role in policy-making and its intimate association with neocorporatist f...(Read More)
The Managerial Imperative and the Practice of Leadership in Schools
The Managerial Imperative and the Practice of Leadership in Schools (January 1988)
Larry Cuban - Author

"It strikes at the heart of the issues. The style is personal, with many rich descriptive examples. It is scholarship of the first order. It will stand the test of time much like Willard Waller's classic, The Sociology of Teaching." — William D. Greenfield, Jr., Portland State University

"This book establishes a new basis for dialogue between teachers and administrators." — Walter G. Hack, Ohio St...(Read More)
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