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Studies in Jewish Myth and Messianism
Studies in Jewish Myth and Messianism (December 1992)
Yehuda Liebes - Author
Batya Stein - Translator

This book deals with the nature and development of Jewish myth from the Talmudic period through Kabbalah to Hasidism. It describes the changes in this myth in its various stages and the external influences on it. The author shows that myth is in the essence of the Jewish religion and that, rather than being created out of external influences, Kabbalah is one of its manifestions. The book also deals with the related subject of Messianism, and delv...(Read More)
The Paradoxical Ascent to God
The Paradoxical Ascent to God (December 1992)
The Kabbalistic Theosophy of Habad Hasidism
Rachel Elior - Author
Jeffrey M. Green - Translator

This book is a study of the Habad Hasidism movement, an influential part of the Hasidic Movement, which originated in the eigteenth century. Habad was founded by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1813) who established a Hasidic community in Belorussia and who set forth the new Habad doctrine in a book entitled Tanya (Likutey Amarim). This doctrine expounded the mystical ideas underlying the quest for God. Its essential innovation lay in t...(Read More)
The Hidden and Manifest God
The Hidden and Manifest God (October 1992)
Some Major Themes in Early Jewish Mysticism
Peter Schaefer - Author

This book represents the first wide-scale presentation and interpretation of pre-kabbalistic, Jewish mysticism. This is the Hekhalot or Merkavah mysticism. The emphasis is on the conceptions of God, the angels, and man that the texts provide and that are the framework of the Judaic world view in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages.

This interpretation is based on the major works of this early Jewish mysticism: Hekhal...(Read More)
Autonomy and Judaism
Autonomy and Judaism (October 1992)
The Individual and Community in Jewish Philosophical Thought
Daniel H. Frank - Editor

"The book demonstrates the liveliness of modern Jewish philosophy, as well as its continuing engagement with a wide range of philosophical schools and methods: Kantian and neo-Kantian, Aristotelian and Maimonidean, Marx, Gadamer, and of course a wide range of biblical and classical rabbinic texts. The work is rich, suggestive and, on the whole, quite accessible." -- Louis E. Newman, Carleton College

This volume brings together leading philo...(Read More)
A Heart of Wisdom
A Heart of Wisdom (September 1992)
Religion and Human Wholeness
Maurice Friedman - Author

"Wisdom is a tradition of knowing that has fallen out of favor in recent decades. Piaget, among others, has called for its return. Judaism has never lost touch with this tradition and Friedman is a good exemplar. The book is most readable and stimulating. It takes a strong position rooted in Judaism and integrates a breadth of exemplification from other religions and from literature." -- Harold Coward

Drawing on almost half a century of i...(Read More)
Four Approaches to the Book of Psalms
Four Approaches to the Book of Psalms (January 1991)
From Saadiah Gaon to Abraham Ibn Ezra
Uriel Simon - Author
Lenn J. Schramm - Translator

Uriel Simon describes the fascinating controversy that raged from the tenth to the twelfth centuries regarding the theological status and literary genre of the Psalms. Saadiah Gaon, who initiated the controversy, claimed that the Psalter was a second Torah--the Lord's word to David--and by no means man's prayer to God. Salmon ben Yerucham and Yefet ben Ali insisted on the Karaite view that the Book of Psalms was the prophetic common prayerbook of ...(Read More)
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