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A Rivalry of Genius
A Rivalry of Genius (November 1995)
Jewish and Christian Biblical Interpretation in Late Antiquity
Marc Hirshman - Author

Compares Rabbinic midrash and Patristic exegesis in late antiquity and provides an introduction to the various forms of Patristic literature.

By comparing interpretations of the Hebrew Bible by Jews, Christians, and Gnostics in Late Antiquity, this book provides a unique perspective on these religious movements in Palestine. Rival interpretations of the early Church and the Midrash are set against the backdrop of the pagan critique of ...(Read More)
Veda and Torah
Veda and Torah (November 1995)
Transcending the Textuality of Scripture
Barbara A. Holdrege - Author

"In this book Barbara Holdrege has set a high standard for comparative work and has made an important contribution to both Hindu and Jewish studies. She has looked at Veda and Torah not simply as 'scripture,' but as systems of meaning, symbol systems, each with its own affiliated meanings, each with its symbolic context, and each with its history of interpretation. By addressing the whole complex in which Veda and Torah have been transmitted and b...(Read More)
Worship of the Heart
Worship of the Heart (October 1995)
A Study of Maimonides' Philosophy of Religion
Ehud Z. Benor - Author

Shows that for Maimonides (medieval Jewish philosopher) prayer as a pure act of worship is essential.

"This book is well written, tightly argued, and philosophically informed. It deals with an important issue that no one else has discussed in this detail. It is significant for Maimonides' scholarship and for philosophy of religion in general because it deals with a timeless question: the significance of prayer. Highly or...(Read More)
Classic Yiddish Fiction
Classic Yiddish Fiction (September 1995)
Abramovitsh, Sholem Aleichem, and Peretz
Ken Frieden - Author

Revisits fiction by the three major Yiddish authors who wrote between 1864 and 1916, exploring their literary and social worlds.

"The dominance of parody is Ken Frieden's point of departure for the clear, reliable introduction we've been waiting for to the remarkable trio of writers who brought Yiddish into the mainstream of modern European literatures." -- Ruth Wisse, Harvard University

Yiddish lit...(Read More)
Philosopher and Prophet
Philosopher and Prophet (July 1995)
Judah Halevi, the Kuzari, and the Evolution of His Thought
Yochanan Silman - Author

This book relates the various strata of Halevi's Book of Kuzari to the different periods of Halevi's philosophical development.
This book is the first to describe the development of Halevi's thought with a view to reaching a better understanding of its inherent systematic difficulties, as well as enabling identification of the various strata of the book belonging to different periods in his philosophical development.
The first ...(Read More)
Gersonides on Providence, Covenant, and the Chosen People
Gersonides on Providence, Covenant, and the Chosen People (April 1995)
A Study in Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Biblical Commentary
Robert Eisen - Author

This is a careful examination of the doctrine of Jewish chosenness in the light of Gersonides's thought on providential suffering and on inherited providence. Gersonides is one of the most interesting and important philosophers of the later Jewish Middle Ages.
"The book is a sober and careful examination of an important issue in Jewish thought: the doctrine of the chosen people. It advances the field of Gersonides' studies; it is the fir...(Read More)
New World Hasidim
New World Hasidim (February 1995)
Ethnographic Studies of Hasidic Jews in America
Janet S. Belcove-Shalin - Editor

A collection of essays that examines the culture, politics, and social structure of Hasidic Jewish life.

Hasidim has long been the subject of historical, philosophical, and literary accounts, but it is only in recent years that it has begun to attract the close attention of social scientists. This book highlights contemporary ethnographic perspectives that convey the richness and complexity of Hasidic life. Politic...(Read More)
Hasidism (January 1995)
Between Ecstasy and Magic
Moshe Idel - Author

"Idel's book has broken new ground in the study of the mystical Judaism of Eastern Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. By applying what he calls the panoramic approach, in contrast to the existentialist approach of Buber and the historicist approach of Scholem, Idel has been able to illuminate the phenomenon of Hasidism in all its complexity and diversity. Rather than focusing on any one immediate aspect of Jewish mysticism, Idel prop...(Read More)
How Do We Know This?
How Do We Know This? (November 1994)
Midrash and the Fragmentation of Modern Judaism
Jay M. Harris - Author

This book is a study of rabbinic legal interpretation (midrash) in Judaism's rabbinic, medieval, and modern periods. It shows how the rise of Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Judaism in the modern period is tied to distinct attitudes toward the classical Jewish heritage, and specifically, toward rabbinic midrash halakah.

What has gone unnoticed until now is the extent to which the fragmentation of modern Judaism is re...(Read More)
Nietzsche, God, and the Jews
Nietzsche, God, and the Jews (October 1994)
His Critique of Judeo-Christianity in Relation to the Nazi Myth
Weaver Santaniello - Author
David Tracy - Foreword by

Combining biography and a careful analysis of Nietzsche's writings from 1844-1900, this book explores Nietzsche's critique of Christianity, Judaism, and antisemitism. The first part of the book is concerned with psychological aspects and biographical elements. Part Two focuses on the ethical and political aspects of Nietzsche's views as presented in his mature writings: Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Toward the Genealogy of Morals, and the Ant...(Read More)
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