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Alternatives in Jewish Bioethics
Alternatives in Jewish Bioethics (February 1997)
Noam J. Zohar - Author

This dialogue between the Jewish normative tradition and Western moral philosophy addresses central contemporary issues in medical ethics.

Alternatives in Jewish Bioethics consists of a dialogue between contemporary, Western moral philosophy and the Jewish tradition of legal/moral discourse (Halakha). Recognizing that no single tradition has a monopoly on valid moral teachings, it seeks to enrich our ethical persp...(Read More)
The Critical Philosophy of Hermann Cohen
The Critical Philosophy of Hermann Cohen (January 1997)
Andrea Poma - Author
John Denton - Translator

This is a translation from the Italian of a study of the work of Hermann Cohen, a figure generally recognized as the most significant Jewish thinker of the past 100 years.
This is a translation of Andrea Poma's La filosofia critica di Hermann Cohen, which first appeared in 1988.
During the second half of the nineteenth century, the German philosophical scene had witnessed the extinction of absolute idealism and the predominance...(Read More)
I and Tao
I and Tao (July 1996)
Martin Buber's Encounter with Chuang Tzu
Jonathan R. Herman - Author

Jonathan Herman presents a new view of the Taoist classic through the lens of Buber's translation and his philosophy developed in I and Thou and later works.

"Through competent scholarship, insightful interpretation, and masterful understanding of the present dialogue on hermeneutics, it brings Buber's book on Chuang Tzu into sinology and sinology via this book into the understanding and interpretation of Buber. No one else has ever ta...(Read More)
The China Factor in Modern Japanese Thought
The China Factor in Modern Japanese Thought (July 1996)
The Case of Tachibana Shiraki, 1881-1945
Lincoln Li - Author

Examines the ideas of Tachibana Shiraki (1881-1945), a revisionist within the Japanese Kangaku tradition, which focused on incorporating Chinese elements into Japanese culture. Tachibana advocated the study of popular culture as the key to understanding contemporary society.

"Li has done an excellent job explaining how a Japanese political thinker can develop a program for China's future which rejects Western lib...(Read More)
Martin Buber and the Human Sciences
Martin Buber and the Human Sciences (June 1996)
Maurice Friedman - Editor

This is the first book on Buber to address the full scope of his seminal influence for any number of thinkers and fields from philosophy to psychotherapy to literary theory.

"This book is timely/past due for a current follow up source to identify the influences of this major twentieth-century thinker on his successors. I found the book hard to put down--despite coming across my desk at a busy end of term. Clearly Buber's...(Read More)
Maimonides on the
Maimonides on the "Decline of the Generations" and the Nature of Rabbinic Authority (April 1996)
Menachem Kellner - Author

Shows to what extent and in what fashion Jews are bound to accept the opinions and the pronouncements of religious authorities.

Moses Maimonides, medieval Judaism's leading legist and philosopher, and a figure of central importance for contemporary Jewish self-understanding, held a view of Judaism which maintained the authority of the Talmudic rabbis in matters of Jewish law while allowing for free and open inquiry in matters of scienc...(Read More)
Jewish Theology and Process Thought
Jewish Theology and Process Thought (March 1996)
Sandra B. Lubarsky - Editor
David Ray Griffin - Editor

Presents essays by Jewish thinkers who have found process thought to be a useful framework for contemporary Jewish thought and a set of conversations between Jewish and Christian thinkers on the appropriateness of process thought for Judaism and Christianity.

"This book represents the first serious and systematic encounter between Judaism and process thought yet offered. The essays are uniformly insightful. Indeed, the e...(Read More)
Worship of the Heart
Worship of the Heart (October 1995)
A Study of Maimonides' Philosophy of Religion
Ehud Z. Benor - Author

Shows that for Maimonides (medieval Jewish philosopher) prayer as a pure act of worship is essential.

"This book is well written, tightly argued, and philosophically informed. It deals with an important issue that no one else has discussed in this detail. It is significant for Maimonides' scholarship and for philosophy of religion in general because it deals with a timeless question: the significance of prayer. Highly or...(Read More)
Philosopher and Prophet
Philosopher and Prophet (July 1995)
Judah Halevi, the Kuzari, and the Evolution of His Thought
Yochanan Silman - Author

This book relates the various strata of Halevi's Book of Kuzari to the different periods of Halevi's philosophical development.
This book is the first to describe the development of Halevi's thought with a view to reaching a better understanding of its inherent systematic difficulties, as well as enabling identification of the various strata of the book belonging to different periods in his philosophical development.
The first ...(Read More)
Gersonides on Providence, Covenant, and the Chosen People
Gersonides on Providence, Covenant, and the Chosen People (April 1995)
A Study in Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Biblical Commentary
Robert Eisen - Author

This is a careful examination of the doctrine of Jewish chosenness in the light of Gersonides's thought on providential suffering and on inherited providence. Gersonides is one of the most interesting and important philosophers of the later Jewish Middle Ages.
"The book is a sober and careful examination of an important issue in Jewish thought: the doctrine of the chosen people. It advances the field of Gersonides' studies; it is the fir...(Read More)
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