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Steel and Steelworkers
Steel and Steelworkers (April 2002)
Race and Class Struggle in Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh
John Hinshaw - Author

Breaks new ground in the study of an industry and region crucial to the history of American industrial capitalism.

Steel and Steelworkers
is a fascinating account of the forces that shaped Pittsburgh, big business, and labor through the city's rapid industrialization in the mid-nineteenth century, its lengthy era of industrial “maturity,” its precipitous deindustrialization toward the end of the twentieth ...(Read More)
Labor in Retreat
Labor in Retreat (September 2001)
Class and Community among Men's Clothing Workers of Chicago, 1871-1929
Youngsoo Bae - Author

Winner of the 2002 Publications/Scholarly category from the Illinois State Historical Society and Association of Illinois Museums and Historical Societies Awards Program

Offers a fresh perspective on the origins of business unionism.

Why did the American labor movement decline in the 1920s? This is a question historians have often answered by pointing at the adverse circumstances begetti...(Read More)
Rethinking the Labor Process
Rethinking the Labor Process (September 1999)
Mark Wardell - Editor
Thomas L. Steiger - Editor
Peter Meiksins - Editor

This diverse collection rethinks and reinvigorates the field of labor process.

While paying tribute to Harry Braverman for launching the research field known as the labor process, this book neither eulogizes nor castigates his work. Rather, it takes stock of the field, showing its blend of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and revealing its diverse contributions to the sociology of work, organizations, and stra...(Read More)
Forced Choices
Forced Choices (May 1999)
Class, Community, and Worker Ownership
Charles S. Varano - Author

2000 Distinguished Scholarship Award, Pacific Sociological Assocation

CHOICE 1999 Outstanding Academic Book

Examines the celebrated case of Weirton, West Virginia where steelworkers and area residents fought to save a steelmill, community, and way of life.

What happens to employees when their company decides to close? Thousands of workers across America have faced this ...(Read More)
Managed Professionals
Managed Professionals (April 1998)
Unionized Faculty and Restructuring Academic Labor
Gary Rhoades - Author

"This book delineates the tensions between faculty and academic management more fully and deeply than any other study of which I am aware. It is particularly acute in depicting faculty stratification, the erosion of professional autonomy and the limits of collective bargaining. What I most appreciate in this book is its exploration of the tension inherent in the status of faculty as 'managed professionals'--I do not know of another book that ex...(Read More)
North American Auto Unions in Crisis
North American Auto Unions in Crisis (February 1996)
Lean Production as Contested Terrain
William C. Green - Editor
Ernest J. Yanarella - Editor

This edited volume provides the first comparative cross-national study of U.S. and Canadian Labor relations in Japanese North American auto transplants, Japanese joint ventures with the Big Three automakers, and Saturn, the Japanese-style GM auto plant.

In this edited volume, U.S. and Canadian political scientists, sociologists, and labor educators contribute to the debate of the crisis of the Fordist regime of mass pro...(Read More)
Fighting For Jobs
Fighting For Jobs (August 1995)
Case Studies of Labor-Community Coalitions Confronting Plant Closings
Bruce Nissen - Author

Examines the struggle of the unions and communities to save jobs in plant-closing situations in the 1980s, and shows why some labor-community coalitions were more successful than others.

This book examines the struggle of unions and communities to save jobs in plant-closing situations in the 1980s. The unusual depth of the research allows the reader to grasp the key factors affecting such battles in an era of industrial ...(Read More)
Workers of the Donbass Speak
Workers of the Donbass Speak (July 1995)
Survival and Identity in the New Ukraine, 1989-1992
Lewis H. Siegelbaum - Author
Daniel J. Walkowitz - Author

This is an oral and local history of the coal mining town of Donetsk in the Ukraine. The workers describe their changing political and economic goals and their reaction to Western culture, the rising tides of nationalism and religion.
"This book is a valuable contribution to the field of post-Soviet studies; it addresses a number of crucial issues in an engaging and informative way. Most importantly, it allows Western readers to hear Russ...(Read More)
The New Modern Times
The New Modern Times (January 1995)
Factors Reshaping the World of Work
David B. Bills - Editor

"This book presents an extended and thoughtful examination of work in the U.S. after the turn of the century. It is the state of the art in the sociology of work." --H. Hall, State University of New York at Albany

The New Modern Times assesses historical, contemporary, and projected trends in the American world of work. The contributors represent a range of disciplines -- sociology, history, education, economics, women's...(Read More)
Cold War in the Working Class
Cold War in the Working Class (December 1994)
The Rise and Decline of the United Electrical Workers
Ronald L. Filippelli - Author
Mark D. McColloch - Author

"This is an important and engaging study of one of the most dynamic and effective of the industrial unions of the CIO era. Filippelli and McColloch have used the UE and CIO records to good effect to present a vivid picture of the ideological conflicts of the early Cold War era. Cold War in the Working Class documents the excesses of post-World War II anti-Communism and sheds important light on the dilemmas faced by trade unionists in a peri...(Read More)
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