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Urban Migrants in Rural Japan
Urban Migrants in Rural Japan (February 2020)
Between Agency and Anomie in a Post-growth Society
Susanne Klien - Author

Offers an in-depth ethnography of paradigm shifts in the lifestyles and values of youth in post-growth Japan.

Urban Migrants in Rural Japan provides a fresh perspective on theoretical notions of rurality and emerging modes of working and living in post-growth Japan. By exploring narratives and trajectories of individuals who relocate from urban to rural areas and seek new m...(Read More)
Women and Minorities in American Professions
Women and Minorities in American Professions (October 1996)
Joyce Tang - Editor
Earl Smith - Editor

Asks how and with what measure of success women and minorities fare in comparison with white males in American professions.

"This is quite frankly an excellent anthology on a topic that has not been well studied, at least as systematically as in this book. It provides an excellent update to such works as Stromberg and Harkess' Women Working." — A. Gary Dworkin, University of Houston