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Organizing the South Bronx
Organizing the South Bronx (November 1994)
Jim Rooney - Author

"This book tells a fascinating story about the relationships between a viable network of organizations and the political leadership of New York City. It provides a real feel for the people, interests, and issues that were part of these debates." -- Joe R. Feagin, University of Florida

This is a story of heroic and articulate individuals who were able to defy overwhelming odds and build affordable housing in the South Bronx. It...(Read More)
Capital and Communities in Black and White
Capital and Communities in Black and White (August 1994)
The Intersections of Race, Class, and Uneven Development
Gregory D. Squires - Author

Capital and Communities in Black and White explores the problems created by global economic restructuring, the decline of inner city neighborhoods, and the heightened racial conflicts in the United States.

"Squires has made an important contribution to the national debate over how America can build a more humane and rational social order." -- Clarence Page, syndicated columnist for the Chicago Tribune

"Squires's timing co...(Read More)
Dwelling, Seeing, and Designing
Dwelling, Seeing, and Designing (February 1993)
Toward a Phenomenological Ecology
David Seamon - Editor

"The rifts Seamon seeks to heal in this anthology are not only between disciplines or between knowledge and action or designing and building. They are, most fundamentally, the rifts between us and all that we see as not us. Without the greater empathy and care in designing, planning, and understanding environments that these essays illustrate, there can be little hope of change or of survival." -- Karen A. Franck, New Jersey Institute of Technology...(Read More)
Expanding the American Dream
Expanding the American Dream (February 1993)
Building and Rebuilding Levittown
Barbara M. Kelly - Author

Much has been written about the housing policies of the Depression and the Postwar period. Much less has been written of the houses built as a result of these policies, or the lives of the families who lived in them. Using the houses of Levittown, Long Island, as cultural artifacts, this book examines the relationship between the government-sponsored, mass-produced housing built after World War II, the families who lived in it, and the society tha...(Read More)
Community versus Commodity
Community versus Commodity (February 1992)
Tenants and the American City
Stella M. Capek - Author
John I. Gilderbloom - Author

"This is a significant contribution to the literature of rental housing and of tenants as a social group. A major portion of the book is a comparison between Santa Monica where a 'rainbow coalition' of renters, seniors, environmentalists, and liberals put together an extraordinarily progressive government, and its free-enterprise antithesis, Houston. Santa Monica's success in coalition politics led to a strong rent control law, affordable housing,...(Read More)
Housing New York
Housing New York (August 1990)
Policy Challenges and Opportunities
Michael J. Wolkoff - Author

This book offers an opportunity to learn about housing markets in New York, to discover a methodology for examining housing issues in other locations, to identify a series of issues that are likely to shape policy making in the future, and to profit from an analytic discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of state policy responses.

The author conducts an in-depth examination of housing market conditions in New York State, and by making det...(Read More)
City Choices
City Choices (July 1990)
Education and Housing
Kenneth K. Wong - Author

City Choices argues that both economic concerns and political factors can be synthesized in a new framework in city policymaking. This synthesis is based on a systematic empirical study of policymaking in two large cities. Using numerous governmental documents and conducting extensive interviews with local, state, and federal officials, the author examines how the two cities have implemented both federal redistributive and development progr...(Read More)
The Federal Government and Urban Housing
The Federal Government and Urban Housing (November 1985)
Ideology and Change in Public Policy
R. Allen Hays - Author

The Federal Government and Urban Housing provides a comprehensive overview of federal housing and community development policy during the last fifty years, with special emphasis on the crucial decade of the 1970s. It relates housing policy developments to broad ideological and political changes that have taken place in the U. S. during this period.

R. Allen Hays covers virtually every major program that has att...(Read More)
Housing and Urban Development in the USSR
Housing and Urban Development in the USSR (June 1985)
Gregory D. Andrusz - Author

This study of housing and the urban environment in a socialist society sheds light on the discrepancy between plan and reality. It investigates the sources and consequences of the problem and shows how the U.S.S.R. has attempted to find solutions.

Following a general background and overview section, the book deals with the construction, control, and use of buildings in Soviet cities. It then investigates the types of housing considered to be...(Read More)
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