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Truth and History
Truth and History (December 2008)
Murray G. Murphey - Author

Addresses historical skepticism by presenting histories as testable theories of the past.

Setting aside barren issues such as the scientific status of history, Murray G. Murphey develops an empirical approach to historical study that can yield theories (interpretations) that are testable and confirmable. He examines the evidence on which historical theories are based, the types of explanations used, and particular...(Read More)

Deracination (February 2001)
Historicity, Hiroshima, and the Tragic Imperative
Walter A. Davis - Author

Attempts to comprehend the traumatic significance of Hiroshima in order to construct a new theory of history.

Through a critique of history—as a reality, a discipline, and a way of writing—Deracination challenges the basic theoretical tenets of both humanism and postmodernism. As a discipline, history is currently undergoing what Heidegger would call a productive “crisis," and a number of th...(Read More)
Merchants, Mamluks, and Murder
Merchants, Mamluks, and Murder (December 2000)
The Political Economy of Trade in Eighteenth-Century Basra
Thabit A. J. Abdullah - Author

A historiography of Ottoman Basra, a trade center in the eighteenth century.

Using the case of the murder of a Jewish merchant in 1791 as the backdrop to this study of Ottoman Basra's long-distance trade in the eighteenth century, Thabit A. J. Abdullah takes a novel comparative approach to Middle Eastern and Indian Ocean historiography. He examines three broad interrelated issues, all of which have a direct bearing on t...(Read More)
Composing Useful Pasts
Composing Useful Pasts (September 2000)
History as Contemporary Politics
Edmund E. Jacobitti - Editor

Argues that history is written from the present tense, meaning that its purpose is to construct convincing political arguments about who or what caused a current problem and how that problem should be addressed.

Composing Useful Pasts discusses how history is not a settled record of the dead past, but a poetic or imaginative creation stimulated by and focused on contemporary interests. Historical investigation is ...(Read More)
Workers and Working Classes in the Middle East
Workers and Working Classes in the Middle East (December 1993)
Struggles, Histories, Historiographies
Zachary Lockman - Editor

This book brings together for the first time the work of many of the leading scholars in the field of Middle East working-class history. Using historical material from nineteenth-century Syria, late Ottoman Anatolia, republican Turkey, Egypt from the late nineteenth century through the Sadat period, Iran before and after the overthrow of the Shah, and Ba`thist Iraq, the authors explore different forms and interpretations of working-class identity, ...(Read More)
The Degeneracy Crisis and Victorian Youth
The Degeneracy Crisis and Victorian Youth (January 1993)
Thomas E. Jordan - Author

"Jordan reminds us that history, policy, and economics are great shaping forces in terms of setting ceilings on what children can be. There is much here that is important to scholars in child growth and development. But most important is that we are reminded of the plight of poor children today as well as yesterday." -- Margaret Yonemura, State University of New York, Binghamton

A book in the ecology of child development, The Degeneracy ...(Read More)
The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories
The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories (January 1991)
Form and Meaning in Oral History
Alessandro Portelli - Author

"The essays that Alessandro Portelli has produced on the meaning of oral history are incredibly insightful. The book is a real breakthrough in the analysis of oral history and will stimulate work in the field for years to come." -- John Bodnar, Oral History Research Center, and Department of History, Indiana University

"I can think of nothing which is so closely tied to actual fieldwork, and which brings such sophisticated theoretical unders...(Read More)
Islamic Historiography
Islamic Historiography (June 1975)
The Histories of Mas'udi
Tarif Khalidi - Author

The importance of Muslim historical writing in the medieval period and the fact that few detailed studies exist, make Professor Khalidi’s book of special importance both to Arabists and to medievalists. It may be read both as a source for Muslim and non-Muslim history and for the light it sheds on Arabic/Islamic civilization in its prime.
The Thalassocracies
The Thalassocracies (June 1971)
Molly Miller - Author

The study of chronography is a relatively new field, and Dr. Miller has once again contributed to its advancement with The Thalassocracies, her second original investigation in which she attempts to establish the chronography of events in the ancient world. This is an extension of Dr. Miller’s Sicilian Colony Dates, in which she examined the ability of the ancient Greek historians to cite dates for historical events oc...(Read More)
The Sicilian Colony Dates
The Sicilian Colony Dates (June 1970)
Molly Miller - Author

Although the fifth century B.C. marks the beginning of Greek historiography, the Greek historians claimed the ability to cite dates for events occurring and personages living before the fifth century B.C. as well as to correct each others’ dates in detail. Their work was summarized in the Chronicle of Eusebius, and, through translations, became part of the accepted historic body of knowledge in Europe and the Near East.

...(Read More)
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