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Nelida (November 2003)
Marie d'Agoult - Author
Daniel Stern - Pen name
Lynn Hoggard - Translator

2004 Soeurette Diehl Fraser Award for Best Translation presented by the Texas Institute of Letters

A scandalous bestseller of mid-nineteenth-century France, translated here for the first time into English.

First published in 1846 under the pen name Daniel Stern, Nelida tells the story of a beautiful French heiress who surrenders everything—marriage, reputation, and an aristocra...(Read More)
Five Comedies
Five Comedies (April 2003)
George Sand - Author
E. H. Blackmore - Translator
A. M. Blackmore - Translator
Francine Giguere - Translator

Two full-length and three one-act plays, translated here for the first time into English.

Best known as a novelist, George Sand (1804–1876) was also arguably the most successful woman dramatist in history. More than twenty of her plays were staged in major Paris theaters to widespread popular and critical acclaim. Translated here for the first time into English are her two most famous full-length comedies, The Ma...(Read More)
French Fairy Tales
French Fairy Tales (November 2002)
A Jungian Approach
Bettina L. Knapp - Author

Offers an analysis of fourteen French fairy tales, from the medieval Romance of Mélusine to Jean Cocteau's film version of Beauty and the Beast, exploring their universal and eternal nature as well as their relevance to modern readers.

Bettina L. Knapp explores the universal and eternal nature of fourteen French fairy tales, including the medieval Romance of Mélusine, Charles Perra...(Read More)
Feast and Folly
Feast and Folly (September 2002)
Cuisine, Intoxication, and the Poetics of the Sublime
Allen S. Weiss - Author

Treats French cuisine as a “fine art,” offering both historical background as well as a deep analysis of the social, political, and aesthetic aspects of cuisine and taste.

What would it mean to speak of cuisine as a “fine art”? Combining an analysis of French cuisine with cutting-edge postmodernist critique, Feast and Folly provides a fascinating history of French gastronomy an...(Read More)

The Medieval French Alexander
The Medieval French Alexander (July 2002)
Donald Maddox - Editor
Sara Sturm-Maddox - Editor

Explores the significance of Alexander the Great in French medieval literature and culture.

Alexander the Great was one of the legendary Nine Worthies in the medieval canon of ancient and modern heroes, and medieval writers exploited his legend in a wide variety of literary and didactic texts. Addressing the classical legacy to the Middle Ages as expressed in four centuries of vernacular narratives, t...(Read More)
The Rise of Surrealism
The Rise of Surrealism (November 2001)
Cubism, Dada, and the Pursuit of the Marvelous
Willard Bohn - Author

Examines the developments that paved the way for the Surrealist movement in literature and art.

In The Rise of Surrealism, Willard Bohn examines the various literary and artistic developments that prepared the way for the international Surrealist movement--including Cubism, Metaphysical Art, and Dada--as well as the triumph of Surrealism itself. In an analysis that spans the first two-thirds of the twentieth cent...(Read More)
Romancing the Cathedral
Romancing the Cathedral (September 2001)
Gothic Architecture in Fin-de-Siecle French Culture
Elizabeth Emery - Author

Through an analysis of political, art historical, and literary discourse, this book considers French fascination with the Gothic cathedral.

Romancing the Cathedral explores the late-nineteenth-century French passion for Gothic architecture, particularly the cathedral. Though maligned in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and vandalized during the French Revolution, by World War I the cathedral was considered "the genius of...(Read More)
When Poetry Ruled the Streets
When Poetry Ruled the Streets (May 2001)
The French May Events of 1968
Andrew Feenberg - Author
Jim Freedman - Author
Douglas Kellner - Foreword by

Offers a complete survey of the French May Events of 1968 through narrative, analysis, and documents.

More than a history, this book is a passionate reliving of the French May Events of 1968. The authors, ardent participants in the movement in Paris, documented the unfolding events as they pelted the police and ran from the tear gas grenades. Their account is imbued with the impassioned efforts of the students to ignite ...(Read More)
On Other Grounds
On Other Grounds (December 2000)
Landscape Gardening and Nationalism in Eighteenth-Century England and France
Brigitte Weltman-Aron - Author

Examines eighteenth-century French and English landscape gardens as representations of nationalist expression.

On Other Grounds addresses the broader impacts of the English landscape movement on French gardening during the latter half of the eighteenth century. Through readings of the relevant texts of major authors of the period--including Voltaire, Newton, Rousseau, Condillac, Descartes, Diderot, Walpole, and Locke--the autho...(Read More)
The Word Pen, and the Pistol
The Word Pen, and the Pistol (November 2000)
Literature and Power in Tahiti
Robert Nicole - Author

This postcolonial study explores the Western myth of Tahiti as a paradise, as well as the complex and diverse ways the Maohi people have responded to this myth.

The Word, The Pen, and the Pistol explores the relationships between history, power, knowledge, and certain cultural productions such as literature in colonial and postcolonial contexts. Borrowing from the theoretical works of Michel Foucault and Edward Said, the book re...(Read More)
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