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Marxism and National Identity
Marxism and National Identity (January 2006)
Socialism, Nationalism, and National Socialism during the French Fin de Siecle
Robert Stuart - Author

Provides the first sustained analysis of the collision between Marxism and nationalism in France at the time of the Dreyfus affair.

Post-Marxists argue that nationalism is the black hole into which Marxism has collapsed at today’s “end of history.” Robert Stuart analyzes the origins of this implosion, revealing a shattering collision between Marxist socialism and national identity in France at th...(Read More)
My Beloved Toto
My Beloved Toto (October 2005)
Letters from Juliette Drouet to Victor Hugo 1833-1882
Juliette Drouet - Author
Evelyn Blewer - Edited and annotated
Victoria Tietze Larson - Translated with an introduction, additional notes, and glossary
Jean Gaudon - Preface by

Selected letters from Juliette Drouet to her lover, Victor Hugo, offering insights into nineteenth-century French culture as well as an insider’s look at the character, behavior, working habits, and day-to-day life of France’s most monumental man of letters.

My Beloved Toto, a collection of letters written by Juliette Drouet to her lover, Victor Hugo, tells the story of a life and of the great l...(Read More)
Alain Badiou
Alain Badiou (August 2005)
Philosophy and Its Conditions
Gabriel Riera - Edited and with an introduction by

An introduction to Badiou's philosophical thought and its implications for other humanistic disciplines and the social sciences.

There is little doubt that Alain Badiou is one of the most challenging and controversial figures in contemporary philosophy. This volume of essays brings together leading commentators from both sides of the Atlantic to provide an introduction to Badiou's work through critical studies of his ...(Read More)
The Wind and the Source
The Wind and the Source (July 2005)
In the Shadow of Mont Ventoux
Allen S. Weiss - Author

Explores the role of a significant yet elusive feature of the French landscape in literature, philosophy, and art.

What does it mean to love a landscape? Why do certain authors have a predilection for specific landscapes? Why might one be fascinated by a landscape in which one would never wish to live? How does the lay of the land fashion the form of the poem? How does the wind infuse the breath? In The Wind and th...(Read More)
Rhine Crossings
Rhine Crossings (May 2005)
France and Germany in Love and War
Aminia M. Brueggemann - Editor
Peter Schulman - Editor

Explores the unique and volatile relationship of these two nations and cultures over the past two centuries, as expressed in literature, film, and philosophy.

Rhine Crossings
explores the conflicts and resolutions that have characterized the relationship between France and Germany over the past two centuries. Despite their varying outlooks on life and style (the French esprit and the German wesen), and de...(Read More)
Through the Reading Glass
Through the Reading Glass (April 2005)
Women, Books, and Sex in the French Enlightenment
Suellen Diaconoff - Author

2005 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award

Argues that women's relationship to books and their promotion of reading contributed greatly to the cultural and intellectual vitality of the Enlightenment.

Through the Reading Glas
s explores the practices and protocols that surrounded women's reading in eighteenth-century France. Looking at texts as various as fairy tales, memoirs, historica...(Read More)
The Devil's Pool and Other Stories
The Devil's Pool and Other Stories (July 2004)
George Sand - Author
A. M. Blackmore - Translator
E. H. Blackmore - Translator
Francine Giguere - Translator

A new translation of Sand's most popular novella, known for its brevity, liveliness, and exemplary storytelling, together with two of Sand's most admired short stories.

Newly translated into English, "The Devil's Pool" is the most popular of George Sand's novellas and her best-selling work in France today. Illustrating Sand's brevity, liveliness, and exemplary storytelling, the tale deals with many of her char...(Read More)
The Gardens of Desire
The Gardens of Desire (June 2004)
Marcel Proust and the Fugitive Sublime
Stephen Gilbert Brown - Author

Offers a psychocritical reading of Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu (Remembrance of Things Past).

The Gardens of Desire is at once a model of literary interpretation and a groundbreaking psychocritical reading of a literary masterpiece, Marcel Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu (Remembrance of Things Past). Shedding new light on the origins of the creative impulse in general, and ...(Read More)
Deleuze's Wake
Deleuze's Wake (April 2004)
Tributes and Tributaries
Ronald Bogue - Author

Focuses on Deleuze's style, his conception of the self, and his understanding of philosophy's relationship to the arts.

Ronald Bogue, author of the first book in English on French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, brings together eight of his essays written since Deleuze's death in 1995. The essays serve as tributes to Deleuze's thought and contribute to the wider dissemination of his ideas, especially as they relate to the...(Read More)
The Drama of Fallen France
The Drama of Fallen France (December 2003)
Reading la Comedie sans Tickets
Kenneth Krauss - Author

Examines the role of the theatre in Paris during the Nazi occupation.

The Drama of Fallen France examines various dramatic works written and/or produced in Paris during the four years of Nazi occupation and explains what they may have meant to their original audiences. Because of widespread financial support from the new French government at Vichy, the former French capital underwent a renaissance of theatre durin...(Read More)

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