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Gender and Story in South India
Gender and Story in South India (September 2006)
Leela Prasad - Editor
Ruth B. Bottigheimer - Editor
Lalita Handoo - Editor

Indian women scholars present and discuss tales about women, bringing new insights about gender and the moral universe of the folk narrative.

Gender and Story in South India presents exciting ethnographic research by Indian women scholars on Hindu and Muslim women-centered oral narratives. The book is unique for its geographic and linguistic focus on South India, for its inclusion of urban and rural l...(Read More)
A Tale of Two Factions
A Tale of Two Factions (October 2003)
Myth, Memory, and Identity in Ottoman Egypt and Yemen
Jane Hathaway - Author

Winner of The Ohio Academy of History Publication Award

Reevaluates the foundation myths of two rival factions in Egypt during the Ottoman era.

This revisionist study reevaluates the origins and foundation myths of the Faqaris and Qasimis, two rival factions that divided Egyptian society during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when Egypt was the largest province in the Ottoman Empir...(Read More)
Weaving Ourselves into the Land
Weaving Ourselves into the Land (July 1997)
Charles Godfrey Leland, 'Indians,' and the Study of Native American Religions
Thomas C. Parkhill - Author

CHOICE 1997 Outstanding Academic Book

Examines how both negative and positive stereotypes of the "Indian" have influenced the study of Native American religions.

It is now over half a millennium since the first sustained contact between the peoples or Europe and North America, yet Native Americans and especially their religious traditions still fascinate those who are not Native. In Weavin...(Read More)
The Folk Performing Arts
The Folk Performing Arts (March 1997)
Traditional Culture in Contemporary Japan
Barbara E. Thornbury - Author

CHOICE 1997 Outstanding Academic Book

Addresses issues concerning the survival and preservation of traditional culture by examining Japan's folk performing arts and the public policies that affect them.

This is the first full-length study in English of Japan's folk performing arts covering such topics as the different categories of presentations, public policies affecting the folk performing...(Read More)
The Wiles of Women/The Wiles of Men
The Wiles of Women/The Wiles of Men (November 1995)
Joseph and Potiphar's Wife in Ancient Near Eastern, Jewish, and Islamic Folklore
Shalom Goldman - Author

Focusing on gender issues, this book compares and contrasts the treatment of the Potiphar's Wife motif--in which a woman makes vain overtures to a man and then accuses him of attempting to force himself upon her--in ancient Near Eastern, Jewish, and Islamic folklore.
"This erudite and accessible study of sexual temptation and intrigue overcomes the barriers of time, religious confessions, and academic disciplines to unfold a powerful, uni...(Read More)
Myth and Modernity
Myth and Modernity (July 1994)
Postcritical Reflections
Milton Scarborough - Author

"This book is an important voice in the current debate about the implications of pluralism, relativism, and nihilism for the culture and for the educational enterprise. But the fundamental contribution of the book is its hypothesis about how we think." -- William Elford Rogers, Furman University

This book surveys selected modern theories of myth from philosophy, religion, anthropology, sociology, and psychoanalysis to demonstrate a common com...(Read More)
Mythology and Folklore of the Hui, A Muslim Chinese People
Mythology and Folklore of the Hui, A Muslim Chinese People (July 1994)
Shujiang Li - Author
Karl W. Luckert - Author

"Not only does this amazing corpus contribute much to our understanding of the tremendous cultural and religious variety found within both Chinese and Islamic societies, but it challenges our conceptions and compartmentalizations of each."-- Dru C. Gladney, University of Southern California

"There is no comparable study of the Hui in a Western language. It will help break down the monolithic image we still have of Ch...(Read More)
One Blood
One Blood (July 1993)
The Jamaican Body
Elisa Janine Sobo - Author

One Blood offers a wealth of ethnographic material, skillfully using traditional Jamaican images and expressions to present a coherent and systematic depiction of the Jamaican body, of how it works and of how health is maintained. Sobo explains some of the more complex issues of medical anthropology in a clear and accessible fashion and shows how gender and kinship tensions are expressed through culturally constructed syndromes. The book ex...(Read More)
Saints and Revolutionaries
Saints and Revolutionaries (February 1993)
The Ascetic Hero in Russian Fiction
Marcia A. Morris - Author

"It takes a hitherto neglected pattern in Russian literature, and shows how it informs and shapes some of the more important works of medieval Russian literature, and of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We have all been aware that these works are a bit strange, and now the author has shown us why this is so. The link between the medieval and the modern--fascinating in itself--is argued clearly and convincingly." -- Robert A. Maguire, Columb...(Read More)
Old Tales and New Truths
Old Tales and New Truths (February 1992)
Charting the Bright-Shadow World
James Roy King - Author

"I like the basic thesis--that traditional narratives can be used, rhetorically, by their tellers as conceptual blockbreakers rather than as reinforcers of what is. This point is very well, even enchantingly, made. King adds a new dimension and sophistication to the study of folk narratives cross culturally. -- Sabra J. Webber, The Ohio State University.

This guidebook to the Bright-Shadow World develops three closely related issues. The f...(Read More)
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