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In the Shadow of Olympus
In the Shadow of Olympus (February 1992)
German Women Writers Around 1800
Katherine R. Goodman - Editor
Edith Waldstein - Editor

"This is a detailed and competent account of German women writers around 1800, the first of this kind in English; it offers a wealth of information about the cultural background and conditions and good analyses of selected literary works. It is written in a clear style and is often vivid and interesting; it discusses in a sober, critical form a good number of issues of feminist scholarship.

"The classical period of German lite...(Read More)
Engendering the Subject
Engendering the Subject (October 1991)
Gender and Self-Representation in Contemporary Women's Fiction
Sally Robinson - Author

"I like best the clear, direct, and unrelenting manner in which Robinson sets forth her argument. She writes lucidly and avoids jargon. As a result, the text is most enjoyable reading.

"Her basic approach takes us to the heart of some very pressing issues. By choosing to focus on the question of the subject position, Robinson elects an extremely significant and timely topic which is both important within current debates in feminist critici...(Read More)
Modern Political Theory and Contemporary Feminism
Modern Political Theory and Contemporary Feminism (September 1991)
A Dialectical Analysis
Jennifer Ring - Author

"Jennifer Ring's book is a significant step in feminist theory. She moves beyond old dichotomies, and beyond the rejection of all dichotomies, by establishing the value of a 'minimalist dialectics' drawn from Hegel and from Marx. She recasts familiar debates with fresh insights. Her book is scholarly but clear and accessible; it deserves a wide audience among political theorists and all participants in feminist discourse."-- Nannerl O. ...(Read More)
Women, the State, and Development
Women, the State, and Development (July 1989)
Sue Ellen M. Charlton - Editor
Jana Everett - Editor
Kathleen Staudt - Editor

This book reflects the most current scholarship on states, socioeconomic development, and feminist theory to emerge this decade. Addressed are issues such as the role of state policies and ideologies in defining gender differences, state influence over the boundaries between public and domestic spheres, state control over women's productive and reproductive lives, and the efforts of women to influence state policy.

Women, the State, and D...(Read More)
The Question of the Other
The Question of the Other (July 1989)
Essays in Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Arleen B. Dallery - Editor
Charles E. Scott - Editor

The core source of this book is the work of Emmanuel Levinas. Beginning with a chapter on speaking and the other, three lead chapters focus on Levinas' account of the face of the other. These chapters are followed by explorations of the ethics of dissemination in Derrida, the freedom of the other in Sartre, the cultural other in Husserlian phenomenology, the other as sexual difference in Irigaray and Nietzsche, the sublime in aesthetics, and the ...(Read More)
Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Style
Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Style (August 1986)
Pamela J. Transue - Author

This readable, informed, and insightful book illustrates the effects Virginia Woolf's feminism had on her art. Woolf's committed feminism combined with her integrity as an artist and her ability to metamorphose ideology into art make her work particularly suitable for a study of the complex relationship of polemic to aesthetics. There is hardly a more crucial issue for the feminist artist today, who must seek a successful fusion of her principles wi...(Read More)
French Feminism in the 19th Century
French Feminism in the 19th Century (June 1985)
Claire G. Moses - Author

Histories of France have erased the feminist presence from nineteenth-century political life and the feminist impact from the changes that affected the lives of the French. Now, French Feminism in the Nineteenth Century completes the history books by restoring this missing--and vital--chapter of French history.

The book recounts the turbulent story of nineteenth-century French feminism, placing it in the context of the general politic...(Read More)
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