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Empire Imagined
Empire Imagined (August 2022)
The Personality of American Power, Volume One
Giselle Frances Donnelly - Author

Examines the deep roots of the American way of war.

The origins of the United States' distinct approach to war and military power are found in the colonial experience. Long before 1776 or 1619, Englishmen understood themselves to be a part of a larger, lost "British" empire that might disappear forever in the globe-girdling shadow of the Spanish Hapsburgs and their drive to extirpa...(Read More)
Contribution to the Correction of the Public's Judgments on the French Revolution
Contribution to the Correction of the Public's Judgments on the French Revolution (March 2021)
J. G. Fichte - Author
Jeffrey Church - Editor, translator and introduction by
Anna Marisa Schön - Editor, translator and introduction by

First translation into English of Fichte’s major work on the French Revolution.

The reception history of the French Revolution in France and England is well documented among Anglophone scholars; however, the debate over the Revolution in Germany is much less well known. Fichte’s Contribution played an important role in this debate. Presented here for the first time in Engli...(Read More)
The International Dimension of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict
The International Dimension of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict (January 2021)
A Post-Eurocentric Approach
Daniela Huber - Author

Analyzes the Israel-Palestinian conflict by looking at its interactions with seven regional and global powers and the way the conflict is framed at the international level.

Despite decades of international diplomatic efforts, a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is still as elusive as ever, forcing us to ask the question: have global and regional powers, rather than helpin...(Read More)
Defending Women's Rights in Europe
Defending Women's Rights in Europe (May 2015)
Gender Equality and EU Enlargement
Olga A. Avdeyeva - Author

Comparative analysis of gender equality reforms enacted in ten post-communist states who became members of the European Union.

Between 2004 and 2007, ten post-communist Eastern European states became members of the European Union (EU). To do so, these nations had to meet certain EU accession requirements, including antidiscrimination reforms. While attaining EU membership was an in...(Read More)
Nationalism and Self-Government
Nationalism and Self-Government (March 2007)
The Politics of Autonomy in Scotland and Catalonia
Scott L. Greer - Author

Examines the nature of nationalist mobilization in Scotland and Catalonia.

Scotland and Catalonia, both ancient nations with strong nationalisms within larger states, are exemplars of the management of ethnic conflict in multinational democracies and of global trends toward regional government. Focusing on these two countries, Scott L. Greer explores why nationalist mobilization arose when it did and why it stopped...(Read More)
States of Liberalization
States of Liberalization (September 2005)
Redefining the Public Sector in Integrated Europe
Mitchell P. Smith - Author

Explores the limits of economic liberalization within the European Union.

As economic competition is introduced into areas formerly served by public sector monopolies, to what extent do governments lose discretion over their use of the public sector? States of Liberalization examines the impact of the European Union's rigorous single-market competition policy on the abilities of Western European governments to ...(Read More)
Money and Power in Europe
Money and Power in Europe (June 2001)
The Political Economy of European Monetary Cooperation
Matthias Kaelberer - Author

Traces the history of European monetary negotiations from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Tracing the forty-year history of negotiations to construct exchange rate regimes in the European Union, Money and Power in Europe emphasizes the role of a state's bargaining power for the formation of rules. In contrast to the prevailing literature's emphasis on domestic factors like sectoral and partisan interests, pol...(Read More)
Reconstructing Citizenship
Reconstructing Citizenship (September 1999)
The Politics of Nationality Reform and Immigration in Contemporary France
Miriam Feldblum - Author

Provides the most comprehensive analysis of the rise of citizenship conflict in contemporary France.

Studying the politics of citizenship reforms and immigration in contemporary France, Reconstructing Citizenship reveals the influential roles played by key figures and institutions in reconstructing French citizenship. An extended political process framework is used by Feldblum to study domestic changes in citizen...(Read More)
Voices of Yugoslav Jewry
Voices of Yugoslav Jewry (November 1998)
Paul Benjamin Gordiejew - Author

Emphasizes the role of history in shaping Yugoslav Jewish identity.

Voices of Yugoslav Jewry emphasizes the role of history in shaping Yugoslav Jewish identity. World War II imposed irreversible effects on this population of Jews, leaving them with an acute sense of disjuncture and fragmentation. This once-unified Jewish community lost its secure place in the politico-symbolic order of a single multiethnic state...(Read More)
Specters of Liberation
Specters of Liberation (April 1998)
Great Refusals in the New World Order
Martin J. Beck Matuštík - Author

Advocates a new existential and political coalition among critical and postmodern social theorists and among critical gender, race, and class theorists, in dissent from the New World Order, to raise specters of liberation and empower radical democratic change.

Specters of Liberation argues that dissent against the New World Order is possible through a collaboration of critical postmodern social theory and existen...(Read More)
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