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Interventions in Ethics
Interventions in Ethics (August 1992)
D. Z. Phillips - Editor

There is a growing need for interventions in ethics to counteract the tendency to generalize about moral issues. This book contains essays, written between 1965 and 1990, which focus on the need to explore such issues as the nature of moral endeavor, the request for a justification of moral endeavor; the appeal to human flourishing; the nature of the good life; the nature of moral change; and moral relativity. The author argues his case in relatio...(Read More)
The DC-10 Case
The DC-10 Case (August 1992)
A Study in Applied Ethics, Technology, and Society
John Fielder - Editor
Douglas Birsch - Editor

Designed as a textbook for courses in ethics, this book provides the material needed to understand the accidents in which more that 700 people were killed -- accidents that many believe were the result of unethical actions and inactions by individuals, organizations, and government agencies. An introduction to ethical analysis and discussions of the ethical responsibilities involved are also provided. The case study offers material for a sustained...(Read More)
The Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics Debate
The Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics Debate (July 1992)
The Environmental Perspective
Eugene C. Hargrove - Editor

"This book traces the Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics dispute through the key steps of its history, in the form of the most important original articles, and points the way to a resolution. It is useful to the scholar interested in the animal rights issue and it is appropriate as a textbook in a course in Environmental Ethics at any level, from beginning to graduate. For the beginner, it teaches the key issues in non-technical language and for t...(Read More)
Beyond the Call of Duty
Beyond the Call of Duty (October 1991)
Supererogation, Obligation, and Offence
Gregory Mellema - Author

"This is clear, thorough, systematic, subtle, and quite undogmatic. Mellema does a good job of using apt illustrations and making his points accessible without oversimplifying them." -- Michael J. Zimmerman, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

A surprisingly large number of people have denied that it is possible for human moral agents to act in such a way as to go beyond or transcend what moral duty or obligation requires of them. Som...(Read More)
Suffering and the Beneficent Community
Suffering and the Beneficent Community (October 1991)
Beyond Libertarianism
Erich H. Loewy - Author
David C. Thomasma - Foreword by

This book grounds ethics in the capacity for suffering shared by all sentient beings, and sees the avoidance and amelioration of suffering as the prima facie condition of moral interaction. Loewy sees social contract as originating in the original nurturing of individuals, and selfhood and autonomy as emerging in the embrace of beneficence. Communities thus have an implicit obligation to their members, which necessitates a just distribution...(Read More)
Maimonides on Judaism and the Jewish People
Maimonides on Judaism and the Jewish People (September 1991)
Menachem Kellner - Author

"This book in not only a study of Maimonides, but an intellectual broadside against the apostles of Jewish particularism in Israel today. It is a timely contribution to the religious debate going on in Israel between those who believe that Jews possess a distinct metaphysical essence and those who view the distinctiveness of the Jewish people in its religious heritage. Thanks to Dr. Kellner's book, it is the latter group which can justifiably claim ...(Read More)
Human Excellence and an Ecological Conception of the Psyche
Human Excellence and an Ecological Conception of the Psyche (July 1991)
John Hanwell Riker - Author

This book has the power to change lives. It speaks to urgent present concerns, yet very effectively draws upon ancient wisdom. In our bureaucratized 'organizational America,' it convincingly awakens the reader to his/her individual worth and dignity by focusing (as did the ancient Greeks) on the problem that every person is to himself or herself.

"It is a significant contribution to the recent and growing interest among philosophers in what h...(Read More)
The Role of Ethics in Social Theory
The Role of Ethics in Social Theory (July 1991)
Essays From a Habermasian Perspective
Tony Smith - Author

This book defends the derivation of the ethical principle of universalizability presented by Jurgen Habermas, and illustrates the importance of this principle for both social science and social policy. Beginning with a comprehensive analysis of social theory, Smith divides the theory into nine distinct branches, each devoted to a fundamental question; three branches fall under social science, three under social ethics, and the last three make up so...(Read More)
Wittgenstein, Ethics, and Aesthetics
Wittgenstein, Ethics, and Aesthetics (July 1991)
The View from Eternity
B. R. Tilghman - Author

As early as 1916, Wittgenstein states that ethics and aesthetics are one, that only through aesthetics and art can what is truly important in human life be shown. This is the first book to clarify Wittgenstein's ideas about ethics and aesthetics, and to illustrate how those ideas apply to art history and criticism. Tilghman shows how a study of Wittgenstein illuminates not only the relationship between ethics and aesthetics, but also the relations...(Read More)
Mencius and Aquinas
Mencius and Aquinas (November 1990)
Theories of Virtue and Conceptions of Courage
Lee H. Yearley - Author

"This is a path-breaking work, of the first importance for moral philosophy as well as for the comparative study of religion and morality. Detailed studies of particular conceptions of particular virtues are rare enough; but no one has hitherto contributed a comparative study of this kind. The detailed comparison of Mencius and Aquinas on courage throws new light on both authors and on the variety of dimensions involved in notions of courage. Thi...(Read More)
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