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Counternarratives (February 2008)
Studies of Teacher Education and Becoming and Being a Teacher
Robert V. Bullough Jr. - Author

Relying on local, self, and historical studies, the author argues for better—not best—practices in teaching and teacher education.

Representing more than two decades of Robert V. Bullough Jr.’s research into the problems of teaching and teacher education, this book presents a set of guiding principles that hold promise for achieving increasingly powerful teacher education.

As members of the faculty of the same college, the State University of New York at Potsdam, the fifteen contributors to this book have the unique experience of working from the same pool of students in order to explore how to improve teaching, enhance learning, and make the classroom more interesting. Together professo...(Read More)

Gettin' My Word Out
Gettin' My Word Out (August 2007)
Voices of Urban Youth Activists
Leonisa Ardizzone - Author

Addresses the social, educational, and political implications of youth activism, especially peace activism.

At a time when many adults criticize young people as being self-absorbed and apolitical, this book demonstrates, through research conducted with inner-city youth activists, the inaccuracy of this judgment. Working through nonformal activist organizations, Leonisa Ardizzone examines how youth activists respond...(Read More)
Democratic Dilemmas
Democratic Dilemmas (May 2007)
Joint Work, Education Politics, and Community
Julie A. Marsh - Author

Explores how to engage citizens in the process of educational improvement.

Drawing on three years of field research and extensive theoretical and empirical literature, Democratic Dilemmas chronicles the day-to-day efforts of educators and laypersons working together to advance student learning in two California school districts. Julie A. Marsh reveals how power, values, organizational climates, and trust...(Read More)
Teachers United
Teachers United (April 2007)
The Rise of New York State United Teachers
Dennis Gaffney - Author

The inspiring history of NYSUT, New York State’s largest union, and a powerful progressive force in the state and in the country.

This book tells the story of the rise of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), New York State’s largest union. Using first-hand accounts by rank-and-file teachers as well as leaders, Dennis Gaffney documents how teachers, once underpaid and hopelessly divided, finally organ...(Read More)
Education Reform in Florida
Education Reform in Florida (March 2007)
Diversity and Equity in Public Policy
Kathryn M. Borman - Editor
Sherman Dorn - Editor

Describes and analyzes nation-leading school reforms in Florida.

In Education Reform in Florida, sociologists and historians evaluate Governor Jeb Bush’s nation-leading school reform policies since 1999. They examine the startlingly broad range of education policy changes enacted in Florida during Bush’s first term, including moves toward privatization with a voucher system, more government contro...(Read More)
Mexicans and Hispanos in Colorado Schools and Communities, 1920-1960
Mexicans and Hispanos in Colorado Schools and Communities, 1920-1960 (January 2007)
Rubén Donato - Author

2007 AESA Critics’ Choice Award

Examines the social and educational experiences of Mexicans and Hispanos in Colorado from 1920 to 1960.

Until now, much of what has been written about Mexican American educational history has focused on California and Texas, while Colorado’s story has remained largely untold. Rubén Donato recounts the social and educational history of Mexicans ...(Read More)
A Level Playing Field
A Level Playing Field (December 2006)
School Finance in the Northeast
Jane Fowler Morse - Author

Examines the legal and political details of school funding reform in New York, Vermont, and Ontario.

In this timely work, Jane Fowler Morse reviews the history of school finance litigation in the United States and then examines recent legal and political struggles to obtain equitable school funding in New York, Vermont, and Ontario. These three places have employed strikingly different strategies to address this iss...(Read More)
Earnings from Learning
Earnings from Learning (October 2006)
The Rise of For-Profit Universities
David W. Breneman - Editor
Brian Pusser - Editor
Sarah E. Turner - Editor

Documents the rise of for-profit education as a dynamic and powerful force in higher education.

Earnings from Learning examines the historical and contemporary factors that have fueled the rise of postsecondary for-profit, degree-granting institutions as a dynamic and powerful force in education. The contributors focus on such institutions as the University of Phoenix, DeVry, and Strayer to present theoretica...(Read More)
Expanding Opportunity in Higher Education
Expanding Opportunity in Higher Education (September 2006)
Leveraging Promise
Patricia Gándara - Editor
Gary Orfield - Editor
Catherine L. Horn - Editor

Reports on the challenges facing California and the nation in providing access to higher education during a time of demographic change.

The dream of public higher education in America is to provide opportunity for many and to offer transformative help to American communities and the economy. Expanding Opportunity in Higher Education explores the massive challenges facing California and the n...(Read More)
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