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Pushing the Limits
Pushing the Limits (February 1988)
The Female Administrative Aspirant
Sakre K. Edson - Author

"The voices of the women ring true, and the quotations provide fascinating data ... a good and important study." -- Charol Shakeshaft, Hofstra University

"... a significant work, quite unlike anything else in the area of sex equity. Edson's data base is rich and revealing. The topics are timely and woven together well." -- Daniel L. Duke, University of Virginia

By providing new understanding and insights into the backgrounds and expe...(Read More)
Work Orientation and Job Performance
Work Orientation and Job Performance (November 1987)
The Cultural Basis of Teaching Rewards and Incentives
Douglas E. Mitchell - Editor
Flora Ida Ortiz - Editor
Tedi K. Mitchell - Editor

With critical attention focused on education, and the teaching profession itself under close scrutiny by federal, state, and local officials and governing boards, a heightened sense of the need to attract and retain good teachers has surfaced as a national priority.

Based on data collected on elementary school teachers, principals, and central office administrators in a large unified school district, the authors draw upon cul...(Read More)
Approaches to Administrative Training in Education
Approaches to Administrative Training in Education (July 1987)
Joseph F. Murphy - Editor
Philip Hallinger - Editor

“The book addresses a long felt need to describe and investigate the education and training of school administrators. The topic is especially timely with the current emphasis on educational reform and reports from the 'effective schools' research which puts emphasis on the quality of leadership, especially principals.” — Patricia A. Schmuck, Lewis and Clark College

In this important new collection Mu...(Read More)
Change in Schools
Change in Schools (March 1987)
Facilitating the Process
Gene Hall - Editor
Shirley Hord - Editor

This book summarizes nearly fifteen years of research in schools--research geared toward understanding and describing the change process as experienced by its participants. It addresses the question: "What can educators and educational administrators don on a day-to-day basis to become more effective in facilitating beneficial change?" The book provides research-based tools, techniques, and approaches that can help change facilitators to attain t...(Read More)
Teacher Burnout in the Public Schools
Teacher Burnout in the Public Schools (December 1986)
Structural Causes and Consequences for Children
A. Gary Dworkin - Editor

This unique study is the first large-scale sociological analysis of teacher burnout, linking it with alienation, commitment, and turnover in the educational profession. In the process of doing so, Anthony Gary Dworkin uncovers some startling trends that challenge previous assumptions held by public school administrators.

Urban public school districts spend up to several million dollars annually on programs intended to rekindl...(Read More)
Evaluation-Based Leadership
Evaluation-Based Leadership (September 1986)
School Administration in Contemporary Perspective
Naftaly S. Glasman - Author

An important contribution to the literature in administration, Evaluation-Based Leadership moves school leaders and decision-makers toward a new model of operation rooted in evaluation. Responding to the current increased national and local concern for effective schools, Glasman's work suggests a move toward an innovative paradigm that will help both inservice professionals and future administrators view their responsibilities with heightene...(Read More)
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