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Children at Risk in America
Children at Risk in America (December 1992)
History, Concepts, and Public Policy
Roberta Wollons - Editor

This collection of essays addresses twentieth-century historical and contemporary issues regarding children who are considered to be at risk. The essays explore the language of risk as it is used by the courts, the schools, governmental agencies, and child advocates, those who discover risks and create correctives for children who both need protection and threaten to disturb the social order. The tasks require an exploration of differing, often con...(Read More)
Shaping the Preschool Agenda
Shaping the Preschool Agenda (December 1992)
Early Literacy, Public Policy, and Professional Beliefs
Anne McGill-Franzen - Author

Making all children "ready to learn" is the first, and probably the most important, national education goal for the year 2000. What does it mean for children to be "ready to learn?"

This book is about the beliefs of the people who are shaping preschool policy. McGill-Franzen tells us what key decision-makers are thinking about preschool education -- what counts as school, who should pay for it, what should be taught, and especially, whether...(Read More)
Teachers (December 1992)
The Missing Voice in Education
Marilyn M. Cohn - Author
Robert B. Kottkamp - Author

"Teachersadvances knowledge, provokes concern, and offers fresh perspectives that stimulate the search for solid solutions. By grappling with messy complexities, Cohn and Kottkamp point up the shallowness of the panaceas that are so common in educational policy and practice. I strongly recommend this scholarly and accessible book and hope that those whose ideas and decisions shape American education will give it the close attention it merit...(Read More)
Redesigning Teaching
Redesigning Teaching (October 1992)
Professionalism or Bureaucracy?
William A. Firestone - Author
Beth D. Bader - Author

"The topic is absolutely central to the current debate of teacher professionalism and reform. The authors dig beneath the surface and provide insights and clarity about current reform attempts." -- Michael Fullan, University of Toronto

Redesigning Teaching provides concrete case studies of school districts implementing teacher reforms. The cases describe the changes, give the history and dynamics of each project, examine how teachers...(Read More)
National Service, Citizenship, and Political Education
National Service, Citizenship, and Political Education (September 1992)
Eric B. Gorham - Author

"Political socialization has long been a theoretical sore spot in political science. Gorham has demonstrated its weaknesses as a conceptual scheme for interpreting citizenship, and he has opened up a new area of investigation for political scientists and theorists concerned about the current debates and proposals for a new national service. His argument has historical depth, theoretical rigor, and immediate practical implications."-- Steph...(Read More)
Reflective Teacher Education
Reflective Teacher Education (September 1992)
Cases and Critiques
Linda Valli - Editor

An increasing number of educators are arguing for conceptually sound reflective or inquiry-oriented teacher education programs. The argument is based on the fact that reflective teaching is possible and the belief that teachers should develop habits of consciously informed action. Those who promote reflective teaching argue for teacher empowerment within a self-renewing profession.

Reflective Teacher Education offers case studies fro...(Read More)
Sex Equity and Sexuality in Education
Sex Equity and Sexuality in Education (August 1992)
Susan Shurberg Klein - Editor

Neither sex equity nor sexuality are new topics to educators, but little attention has been given to their combination. This book identifies critical issues that researchers, reformers, and educators have failed to address publicly. The authors show that it is necessary for educators to increase their understanding of ways that sex education can be sex equitable and ways that sexuality contributes to sex inequities in general education.

The...(Read More)
Teacher Education Policy
Teacher Education Policy (August 1992)
Narratives, Stories, and Cases
Hendrik D. Gideonse - Editor

This collection of narratives, stories, and case studies brings to life examples of policy processes that affect teacher educators' work, goals, and accomplishments, including certification, testing, allocation of policy responsibilities, standards, and resources.

Gideonse, a veteran participant in teacher education policy struggles in many different arenas, has provided an invaluable service by pulling together representative contributions t...(Read More)
Creating Community on College Campuses
Creating Community on College Campuses (July 1992)
Irving J. Spitzberg Jr. - Author
Virginia V. Thorndike - Author

"Building a vital community is a challenge not just for higher learning, but for society at large. In our hard-edged competitive world, more humane, more integrative purposes must be defined. Spitzberg and Thorndike have set forth a thorough and thoughtful report that is sure to enrich the debate over how to make colleges and universities more intellectually and socially vital communities of learning." -- from the foreword by Ernest L. Boyer, Carn...(Read More)
Elementary Schooling for Critical Democracy
Elementary Schooling for Critical Democracy (February 1992)
Jesse Goodman - Author
Jeff Kuzmic - With
Xioyang Wu - With

This book examines the way in which elementary schooling can be used as a means to encourage critical democracy in the United States. It focuses primarily on the dialectical tensions and issues that emerge from the conflicting values of individuality and community through a portrayal of an independent elementary school committed to democratic education.

"We believe that educators should be on the front lines of a reform movement to make crit...(Read More)
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