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Beyond the Land Ethic
Beyond the Land Ethic (April 1999)
More Essays in Environmental Philosophy
J. Baird Callicott - Author

CHOICE 1999 Outstanding Academic Book
A leading theorist addresses a wide spectrum of topics central to the field of environmental philosophy.

A sequel to Callicott's pioneering work, In Defense of the Land Ethic, Beyond the Land Ethic engages a wide spectrum of topics central to the field, including the troubled relationship of environmental philosophy to current mainstream academic philosophy; the relationshi...(Read More)
Primitives in the Wilderness
Primitives in the Wilderness (July 1997)
Deep Ecology and the Missing Human Subject
Peter C. van Wyck - Author

Brings the radical environmentalism known as deep ecology into an encounter with contemporary social and cultural theory, showing that deep ecology still has much to learn from such theory.

In Primitives in the Wilderness, Peter van Wyck brings the radical environmentalism known as deep ecology into an encounter with contemporary social and cultural theory. With an eye to critically exposing unexamined essential...(Read More)
Nature (May 1997)
An Environmental Cosmology
Joseph Grange - Author

Provides a set of normative measures to assess the value of nature and proposes the new discipline of foundational ecology as a response to environmental crisis.

A breakthrough analysis of our environmental crisis, this book offers the insights of thinkers such as Plato, Lao-Tzu, Spinoza, and Whitehead to construct a set of concrete measures to estimate the value of nature. Application of these standar...(Read More)
Confronting the Experts
Confronting the Experts (April 1996)
Brian Martin - Editor

These six personal case histories of challenges to establishment experts tell why they questioned conventional wisdom, what methods they used, how they dealt with the experts' response, and what lessons they learned.

"In the tradition of C. Wright Mills, this book is a major contribution to a theory of confronting experts. It's a courageous book, as some authors' stories point out. Critics, whistle blowers and victims of...(Read More)
Toward a Transpersonal Ecology
Toward a Transpersonal Ecology (August 1995)
Developing New Foundations for Environmentalism
Warwick Fox - Author

"Toward a Transpersonal Ecology is essential reading for teachers, scholars, and all people concerned with the fate of the earth. It is an excellent book that will be used as a benchmark for all discussions of environmental philosophy in the 1990s." -- Bill Devall, co-author of Deep Ecology

"Ecology and spirituality are fundamentally connected, because deep ecological awareness, ultimately, is spiritual awareness. The common gro...(Read More)
Controversies in Environmental Policy
Controversies in Environmental Policy (December 1985)
Sheldon Kamieniecki - Editor
Robert M. O'Brien - Editor
Michael Clarke - Editor

Controversies in Environmental Policy presents comprehensive analyses of the politics surrounding decision-making on such environmental issues as land use, toxic waste management, new federalism, and economic incentive. It recognizes that environmental policy-making is a blend of politics, technology, and economics, and provides a sophisticated understanding of the interrelationship of the three.

The contributors to this volume examin...(Read More)
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