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Energy, the Modern State, and the American World System
Energy, the Modern State, and the American World System (March 2018)
George A. Gonzalez - Author

Examines political authority in the modern era as a function of specific energy politics.

In this provocative and original study, George A. Gonzalez argues that the relationship between energy and the state, as well as global politics, has become more and more deeply intertwined, reaching something of a crescendo with the global hegemony of Pax Americana in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. He presents a cle...(Read More)
Energy and the Politics of the North Atlantic
Energy and the Politics of the North Atlantic (July 2013)
George A. Gonzalez - Author

Documents how energy resource acquisition has been the driving motivator for European and American international relations.

Since the onset of the Second Industrial Revolution in the second half of the nineteenth century, energy has become a key axis of politics and international relations, particularly for the United States and Western Europe. In Energy and the Politics of the North Atlantic,George A. ...(Read More)
Energy and Empire
Energy and Empire (September 2012)
The Politics of Nuclear and Solar Power in the United States
George A. Gonzalez - Author

Reveals the role played by political and economic elites in the privileging of civilian commercial nuclear energy over other options, such as solar, in the United States after 1945.

What set the United States on the path to developing commercial nuclear energy in the 1950s, and what led to the seeming demise of that industry in the late 1970s? Why, in spite of the depletion of fossil fuels and the obvious d...(Read More)

Well-Oiled Diplomacy
Well-Oiled Diplomacy (April 2007)
Strategic Manipulation and Russia's Energy Statecraft in Eurasia
Adam N. Stulberg - Author

Examines Russia’s energy policy with rival Eurasian supplier states from 1992 to 2002.

As a window into understanding the relationship between globalization and the pursuit of national security, Adam N. Stulberg examines Russia’s mixed success at leveraging energy advantages in Eurasia from 1992 to 2002. Stulberg supplements traditional analyses of statecraft by highlighting indirect market and regulatory m...(Read More)
Too Cheap to Meter
Too Cheap to Meter (October 1997)
An Economic and Philosophical Analysis of the Nuclear Dream
Steven Mark Cohn - Author

Uses concepts from social theory to explore the history and future of nuclear power in the U.S. and to explore the nature of technological change in the U.S. economy.

"This is an important history which should capture the interests of those concerned with what energy sources will be used in the next generation. Cohn achieves two goal s, the history of the rise and fall of nuclear power as a dominant paradigm and als...(Read More)
Oil on the Edge
Oil on the Edge (November 1995)
Offshore Development, Conflict, Gridlock
Robert Gramling - Author

"This book beautifully interweaves stories of technology, institutions, localities, environment, politics, and international gaming. The story of oil development is a difficult one to tell well, precisely because it involves so many intricately woven micro-stories, so to say that Gramling has done a great job is to say he's accomplished something significant. The stories are told with grace and clarity, even occasional wit, so the reader flows throu...(Read More)
Staking Out the Terrain
Staking Out the Terrain (June 1985)
Power Differentials Among Natural Resource Management Agencies
Jeanne Nienaber Clarke - Editor
Daniel McCool - Editor

An original approach to the study of bureaucratic behavior that formulates a model of agency power supported by analysis of seven federal natural resource agencies.

"Staking Out the Terrain is a provocative and thoughtful work. It is, in fact, of potential value to anyone interested in public policy or organizational behavior." -- Journal ofPolicy Analysis and Management

"Using the methodologies o...(Read More)
Managing Coal
Managing Coal (June 1981)
A Challenge in Adaption
Balaji S. Chakravarthy - Author

Coal, hailed as “America’s ace in the hole” because this country holds about thirty percent of the recoverable reserve in the world, is being looked to as a viable solution to the encroaching energy crisis. Surprisingly, while being a subject of intense current interest, the management of coal companies has until now remained a largely neglected field of research.

Concerned over how the coal industry ...(Read More)
Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings (June 1980)
Dennis Landsberg - Author
Ronald Stewart - Author

Intended for practical application, this book provides a guide for reducing energy consumption in those buildings that were constructed when the cost of construction, not the cost of operation, was of primary concern. Now that the “Golden Age of Energy” is over, the heating, lighting, and ventilation systems of these buildings must be adapted to present and future economic circumstances.

Landsberg and Ste...(Read More)
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