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Non-discursive Rhetoric
Non-discursive Rhetoric (January 2009)
Image and Affect in Multimodal Composition
Joddy Murray - Author

Examines the role of image and affect in teaching with new digital technologies and multimedia composition.

Technological advances have the potential to create new languages unlike printed or spoken words. The increased textual complexity generated by sophisticated graphics, photos, hypermedia, film, typography, and other modes of expression requires a theory of language and symbolization that accommodates emotion, ...(Read More)
Bookend (July 1997)
Anatomies of a Virtual Self
Joe Amato - Author

Enacts and evokes the changes and creative possibilities emerging from contemporary literary technologies (electronic media).

"Bookend sets the stage for a new kind of writing. Part poetry, part theory, part scholarly exegesis, Joe Amato's book cruises the Information Network, sweeping along, in its rush toward revelation, the flotsam and jetsam of daily life--especially life in the academy--as it is playing itsel...(Read More)
Critical Issues in Electronic Media
Critical Issues in Electronic Media (May 1995)
Simon Penny - Editor

This book offers new critical perspectives on the practice of electronic media art, a field that has sparse critical and theoretical literature. It addresses the relationship between technological change and cultural change and between contemporary theory and contemporary technology.

Critical Issues in Electronic Media is an interdisciplinary sourcebook that offers new critical perspectives directly related to, or...(Read More)
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