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Self-Perspectives across the Life Span
Self-Perspectives across the Life Span (July 1992)
Richard P. Lipka - Editor
Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor

When and how is the self acquired and what characterizes its development and change over the life span? What are the implications of using different methodologies to study the self with different age groups? This book addresses these and related questions.

"The authors have provided clearly written and well balanced accounts of the problems and possibilities inherent in 'self' that have been explored through the life span. The book provides i...(Read More)
The Art of Learning
The Art of Learning (July 1992)
A Self-Help Manual for Students
Katherine M. Ramsland - Author

Students who know how to tap their own resources have a better chance at success. The skills necessary to do this can be learned and it is the primary purpose of The Art of Learning to take them through the steps. Beginning with the importance of self-motivation, students are introduced to concrete methods for becoming responsible for their education and for moving beyond passive "information processing" to active involvement with classroo...(Read More)
The Self
The Self (July 1992)
Definitional and Methodological Issues
Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor
Richard P. Lipka - Editor

What are the characteristics and dimensions of the self? Is there a "best" way to measure the self? How does the researcher's definition of the self affect the choice of research measure and methods? These are the questions addressed by this book.

Unlike previous books on the self, this one provides a systematic analysis of the theoretical and methodological issues involved. It offers a description of several alternative methods for studying ...(Read More)
Class, Race, and Gender in American Education
Class, Race, and Gender in American Education (July 1988)
Lois Weis - Editor

“Weis's is the first full-scale treatment of race, class, and gender issues. As such, it is a key original contribution. The book is strong not only because it deals imaginatively with these issues, but also because virtually all of the essays present original data — materials from research — and not simply pontifications on the topic.” — Philip G. Altbach, State University of New York at Buffalo

...(Read More)
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